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11 Tips To Remember When Preparing Your Wedding Menu

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More than just impressing your guests, serving great food is one of the things you can do to show your appreciation to the people who will grace your wedding day. But like what established York PA catering companies know, planning the perfect wedding menu is not a simple task.

We know that you’re already dealing with a lot on your plate as you make your dream wedding come true. So in this article, we’re helping you out by giving you 11 amazing tips when preparing your special day’s food-and-beverage menu.

Allocate your budget. Your wedding dress (or wedding suit), your venue, your wedding rings.There’s a lot of things you have to spend money on. Allocate your budget for your menu wisely and be realistic with it. Plan with your designated budget in mind.

Make sure the menu suits your wedding theme. Of course, every aspect of your wedding needs to be thematic and coherent — and that includes the food and beverages you’re serving. If you’re having a summer wedding, it just makes sense to offer a tropical-themed menu.

Decide how you will serve your menu. Is it a sit-down formal dinner or buffet-style? Choose your service style and make sure — like what’s stated above — it perfectly fits in your overall wedding theme.

Get help from the right caterer. Wedding preparations can be exhausting and challenging, that’s why it’s important to hire the right people for a certain job. Ask around and get recommendations from people you trust about a York PA catering firm you can book for your wedding.

Book your catering service in advance. One great tip to make your wedding more cost-effective is booking your caterer ahead of time. Once you’ve selected the catering service, get in touch with them as soon as possible and relay to them all the details you have in mind when it comes to your wedding menu.

Secure the number of guests who will be attending. York PA catering companies know that preparing wedding menus is also about numbers. Know how many are attending and serve the appropriate amount of menu items.

Choose menu items that are in season. Want to make your wedding menu fit within your budget allocation? One awesome way is by going local and seasonal. Food ingredients that are in season are more are cheaper — and tastier!

Be mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions. You should also consider diversifying your food and drinks selection to cater to the different dietary needs of your guests.

Don’t forget about the food tasting. Once you’ve finalized which meals and snacks will be included on your menu, set a food tasting event and make sure you and your partner attend it.

Don’t ignore the importance of food presentation. The taste of the food is one thing; the way they’re presented is another. Make your wedding reception more enticing by creating an aesthetically pleasing food presentation.

Add personal touches. Nothing makes a wedding menu more delectable than adding your personal touch. Try including the meal your partner tried to prepare for you or use ingredients from the town where you first met.

If you are planning to wow your wedding guests with excellent food and service, contact the best in York PA catering today, Altland House Catering & Events.

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