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5 The Best Non-Veg Wedding Dishes Every Wedding Caterer Should Master!

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So it is finally the wedding season, and we are more than enthused to taste the wedding menu. It goes without saying that the sole motive to attend a wedding for people is the delicious wedding food that the caterers prepare with love and their years of experience. Moreover, who would want to miss out on the food made by the best caterers in ChandigarhBut the actual highlight of the wedding for most of the wedding menus is the savoury non vegetarian food that everybody wants to savour without any hesitation or second thought. 

Even the diet conscious people run after these protein rich dishes. Is it not evident that nobody wants to miss out on the appetizing non-vegetarian finger foods paired with some really good non-vegetarian main course dishes? But planning this wedding menu is pretty tricky, and to help you with it, we have a very delicious cuisine that can be a perfect fit for your wedding menu and please all the guests with the utmost ease. 

5 Delicious Non-Veg Wedding Dishes

This list will not only make your guests appreciate your wedding menu but also make them drool for more and more! So, don’t forget to add these lip smacking dishes to your official wedding menu. 

  1. Mutton Biryani

It goes without saying that everybody experiments with the variety of pullav, but it is a very mainstream concept. And as you are organizing your special day’s menu, then let us add some special touches to the food menu. Why not have a biryani counter? You can serve chicken and mutton biryani at this food counter. And all the people who want to dine light can relish this dish with the utmost pleasure. 

  1. Banjara Kebab

The next one on our list is the very delicious banjara kebab! Surprised by the name, then let us tell you that this kebab is a very popular variety of the kebabs, paired with the taste of fresh cilantro and mint. The best part is the grilled flavour that this starter has; it can literally help your taste buds to indulge in delightful tastes. 

  1. Garlic Chicken

As we have covered varieties of dry dishes, let us suggest you some non-vegetarian dishes with gravy. The first one on the list is the garlic chicken; this dish is not only easy to prepare but also a unique choice for a wedding food menu. This fragrant delicacy can taste very good if served with French bread, so don’t forget to add a regal touch to this dish!

  1. Chicken Korma

This popular dish comes from the Mughal age and is popular for the spicy and authentic taste it carries. Prepared of ground spices, yogurt and nuts, this dish really adds a charm to the wedding food. The best part is that it can taste really good with biryani and naan, which are already served at a wedding. 

  1. Tandoori Chicken

Last but not the least is the very special tandoori chicken, this dish is definitely everybody’s favourite because of the smoky flavour it has. This murgh tandoor is made by grilling the meat; this makes the meat very juicy and infuses the spices very well by creating a tasty texture. You can serve this dish with a variety of chutneys and salads. 

In the end, we hope that you liked our list and will add a few dishes to your own wedding menu. You can serve these spicy and lip smacking preparations with a variety of breads to enhance the varied flavours these dishes encompass. 


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