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6 things you must know about organic wine

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Organic wine gives you a number of reasons why you should consider consuming it rather than other wines. Before we move on to discussing why organic wine is THE BEST let’s get an overview of what organic wine actually is.

Organic wine, like other wines, is made from grapes. What makes it special is that these grapes are grown using the principles of organic farming. This excludes the use of any artificial flavoring or techniques to grow the grapes. Organic wine does not include chemicals such as:

  •       Fertilizers
  •         Pesticides
  •         Fungicides
  •         Herbicides

Organic wine is consuming at a rate of 3.7 percent as calculated in September 2009 and since then it has been pacing out the consumptions and production of non-organic wine. All the organic food products are made by following the principles of manufacturing organic food and these foods are properly checked as well to see if they are actually following all the rules of manufacturing organic products or not.

Because we are getting more conscious of what we are consuming every day in our food we should give a thought to what we’re drinking as well. When we talk about the nutritional components of a wine, we don’t really know what it includes because it has no label on it. But how do we know exactly what we’re consuming? We have started eating clean and choose to make it tasty ourselves but we need to start doing this when it comes to the consumption of wine as well.

6 reasons to drink organic wine

Following are the six reasons why one should consider consuming white wine rather than the others out in the market or on several online liquor stores:

Has zero GMO

For all those who do not know this, GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. The principles of organic farming do not allow the addition of these GMO’s in the wine.

No additives

A common and easy example of additives can be food colors and taste enhancers. Organic wine does not contain any food color. The color it has comes naturally. So you do not need to worry about food colors spoiling the flavor of wine.


sulfites are sulfur compounds that are mostly added to wines and can give one who is consuming them a very bad headache which none of us would like to have. So, for this purpose organic wines do not allow the addition of sulfites in the wine. These organic wines are labeled sulfite free and not actually lie about having sulfite in them.

Less sugar

Grapes are known to contain natural sugars which can easily enhance the flavor and is enough sugar in wine. But some wine manufacturers still add sugar to the wine. This means more calories and may even promote the formation of inflammations. Organic wine does not contain extra added sugar however, this does not mean that its taste is not as good as non-organic wine.

Alcohol content

Lower alcohol content means less hangovers and headaches. Some people think that the lower amount of alcohol in the wine means that it will not have a very nice taste but it is not true. If a wine has less percentage of alcohol in it, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the taste of wine. This just means that you won’t have a hangover or even if you do, it won’t be that bad. Now you can have as much wine as you like without worrying about the side effects. Now this is a real game changer.

Supports organic farming

Organic farming makes wine affordable and cheap for you and you can get the same or a better tasting wine in less money as well. Its fermentation process is quick which means you do not have to spend a lot on barrels and stuff for its fermentation. Organic wines are not aged as well which means that they can be manufactured very quickly as compared to non-organic wines.

A number of organic wines are young mainly red wines and you need to let them sit for a minute once you open them because they need aeration

Coming to our conclusion, organic wines aren’t bad but are the same as the non-organic wines. The only difference between the two is that organic wines have very less or no additives in them at all, secondly, they won’t get hangover out of your life forever but they will turn it down a notch so you can enjoy unlimited drinks or as much as you like. Other than that, these wines are also a healthier option when it comes to choosing which wine you want to purchase. It is highly recommended by the manufacturers that you buy a bottle and try one as they claim it to be a very good option.



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