Sun. Oct 20th, 2019

7 Skills That Make a Successful Business Development Rep

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Achieving success as a business development representative means learning and implementing several key skills. The business development role is part sales, part consultant, and part customer service. Here are seven of the top skills that embrace the three critical functions of the role.

Skills Needed for Business Development Admin Job Openings

The seven skills a successful business development representative will need to execute includes becoming a product or service expert, knowing the target consumer, being able to locate ideal prospects, being aware of the competition, being a good listener and conversationalist, being able to develop relationships, and learning how to personalize and time an effective communication strategy.

Get to know the ins and outs of the organization’s product or service first. You’ll need to fully understand its strengths, weaknesses, features and benefits before you can successfully match it to the needs of prospective customers.

Second, you should collect secondary and primary data on the target consumer segments for your organization’s product or service. What are their needs and priorities? What are their spending budgets? What are their unique characteristics and values?

By answering these questions and building buyer personas, you’ll be able to become more effective in the way you spend your time. Simultaneously, you should also be aware of competitors that target the same segments and how those products or services differ from yours.

The remaining skills deal with your ability to initiate and foster solid relationships with your customers. Instead of constantly pitching to prospects and existing customers, learn to listen and engage in a conversation.

Get to know what makes your customers tick and know when it’s better to back off. Developing solid relationships is about making it personal, developing trust, and honest communication.

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