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9 Perfect Wedding Anniversary Cake Flavours to Make The Celebration Grander & Sweeter

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Anniversary is a special reminder of the beautiful day of union. It is special not only because the day embarked a special journey but also stands as a hope of love-filled years ahead. Considering the day reminds of all things blissful and is a harbinger of more, it ought to be celebrated with a special cake.

Cake cutting has been an auspicious affair during celebrations. With time, cakes have seen a gradual transformation. As we have hit 2019, some cakes are making the rounds like none other. Know these best cakes for wedding anniversary celebration that are sure to make the occasion grander. Take the guide:

  1.   Doughnut Cake

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? From kids to adults, doughnuts are everyone’s favourite! The sugary bun covered with cream and sprinkles, with a centre filled with jelly is a crowd puller. If you are not going with a traditional cake, a doughnut cake will not only impress the guests but also will be an amazing treat to relive childhood.

  1.   Cheesecake

For the couple who isn’t very keen on sweets, but wants a subtle level of sweetness on their big day, cheesecake is their go-to delight. The rich, silky smooth texture of the cheesecake melts in the mouth and leaves a very satiating aftertaste. It can be served plain or embellished with fresh fruits. It will in any way, exude the celebratory spirits of the anniversary.

  1.   Edible Pictures & Flowers 

We know that technology has gone way ahead when we can eat our pictures and flowers! These pictures and flowers which are made of fondant and edible ink look stylish and fancy. These flowers and pictures, make the cake look beautiful and also adds a personal touch to it. They can be either given the shape of a regular cake or crafted into a special design and shape as per your liking.

  1.   One Tiered Cake

Couples now prefer simple, one tiered modern cakes and bakers are giving them exactly what they want. It is actually more affordable and better. As one can have multiple cakes of different flavours and not stacked one on top of the other, making it a massive affair to cut and move around. One tier cake is a simple, delicious, classy and stands upright without the fear of falling.

  1.   Fern Cake

For a more classy, and rustic look, ferns are used on cakes now. A simple white buttercream cake with ferns on the edges or just on the side looks extremely beautiful and green. Anniversary cakes now are no longer extravagant. They are small, simple and beautiful- something that a fern can be described as.

  1.   Narrow Rectangular Cakes

Making a shift from the traditional round shaped cakes, one can choose a tall, rectangular shaped modern cake. Instead of fondant and buttercream layer, one can even decorate it with shards of chocolate, giving it a better taste. A modern cake for the modern couple!

  1.   Tile Inspired Cake

Tile prints look very beautiful on cakes, especially one tiered one. Since it’s all about simplicity this year, bright and vibrant colours on white fondant cakes is absolute magic. Intricate tile designs with colours like yellow, pink and blue will look stunning.

  1.   Not Your Typical Cake

Not into your typical round-shaped, two-tier, buttercream cake! You can opt for a simple homemade tea flavoured cake and drizzle it with honey or any other gourmet-style cakes, strictly focusing on delicious flavour and less of the decoration. Vegan cakes now are also gaining popularity. Therefore, you can order eggless anniversary cake online as well in any flavour and style you want.

  1.   Cakes From Other Cultures

Traditional cakes are now becoming a bit old fashioned as new cakes from other cultures are gaining more popularity. Firstly, many people haven’t tasted it. Hence, it becomes a delicacy for many. The ones that are gaining a massive fan following and replacing traditional ones are Kransekake and Millefoglie.

It is important to celebrate with not just any cake flavor but the one that matches the vibe of the day. As patisserie do their level best into making the best cake for the couple, expectations only just keep going higher and tastier.


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