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A guide to smart buy salmon caviar: A popular delicacy

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Salmon caviar is among the most liked forms of salmon in our diet. It is also called the red caviar and is extensively used in diets all around the world. You can find several forms in which salmon caviar is served and sold in different parts of the world. Regardless of your location, it is easily available in the nearby stores or you can also buy salmon caviar online. Here we present information to understand different types of red caviar and how to buy the best.


  • Type of red caviar


The types of salmon caviar that are available in the market are based on the types of salmon fish. Popular species of salmon are coho salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, king salmon, and sockeye salmon. The caviar taken from these fishes differs the most based on the sizes of the roe. Chum salmon has the average roe size of 9mm that is the largest among all and coho and sockeye have the smallest size. The pink salmon has a middle range roe size and is most popular.

Another difference is in the color of the caviar. The sockeye has dark red color caviar while the chum salmon caviar is light orange. Other caviars range in between these two hues. Of course, these differences also result in slight changes in the flavor. However, only some people can identify the taste difference and it is all the same for others.


  • How to choose salmon caviar


Salmon caviar is healthy food but needs to be chosen carefully to ensure quality and freshness. Here are some factors that you should consider while choosing the caviar.

  • Grading: Salmon fish, as well as roe, are graded according to the freshness. A better grade fish is fresher and of better quality. You should separately consider grading of roe as it is downgraded every two hours after being taken out of the fish. However, downgrading does not apply to the salted or frozen roe.
  • Maturity: Next, you should pay attention to the maturity grade of the roe. Conventionally roe is graded as premium (1), standard (2), and industrial (3). Dead roe is graded separately.
  • Salting: Finally comes the salting. According to the standards, salmon caviar must be salted to 3.2% at least. The salting is done based on the grade of the roe. This is because the immature or lower grade roe has a weak shell that can leak or pop and salting provides stability to it.


  • How to buy salmon caviar


You can find salmon caviar in your nearest store easily and also can see a variety of ways it is sold. However, buying it blindly is not a good idea. You need to make sure that you are getting the right product. Here are some points to ponder while buying red caviar.

  • Pick the caviar that is firstly still frozen and is packed in the original bento box with true production and expiry date.
  • Check from the see-through vacuum lid of the bento box for the amount of frost. Avoid buying if you find a large amount of frost.
  • You can go for a pack if the frost is on the outside of it. The frost outside is normal for the bento box.

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