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Benefits and pitfalls of joining a wine club

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It isn’t effortless to visit the winery without being convinced to join the white club. Generally, most wine clubs work in the same way, having members that receive up to two or three shipments of wine every year. Different wine clubs offer different options for their members. For the wineries, wine clubs are big businesses, which is the most important means of them selling their wines out of the storeroom.

Frequently the wine club employee receives some tips for getting more customers to join the club like in the hunter valley wine club.

In this article, we shall review some benefits and disadvantages of joining a wine club

Advantages Of Joining A Wine Club

  • Being a member of a Wine Club gets you to access to some wines before they have made available to the public for purchase.
  • There is always a discount of 10 or 20% on wine shipments for members.
  • Wine club members are entitled to some discounts when they purchase large amounts of wines from the winery.
  • It is widely known that wine club members look forward to seeing wines from the wineries like an element of surprise
  • sometimes there are special events and promotions at the winery which can only be accessed by the members of the Wine Club.
  • There is no additional cost in joining a white club, and you can leave the club at any moment of your choosing.

Disadvantages of joining Wine Club

  • The charges on shipping might be costlier than the discount received.
  • You might be unfortunate to get a wine selection that you don’t enjoy.
  • The discounts can only be accessed at full retail pricing.
  • Some people find it hard to quit the wine club, and at such, they remain members permanently or leave without formal notice.

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