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Best Places to Relish Halal Buffet in Singapore

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The halal buffet of Singapore welcomes diners from across the world with myriad dietary needs to enjoy the mouth-watering dishes together. If you are on a lookout for the perfect restaurant to celebrate with your multi-racial tribe members or planning to savor over a delectable meal with guests from across the oceans, then here is a quick tour of the five best halal buffets. 

The below listed 5 top restaurants with halal buffets in Singapore are simply over the edge, for they have been seen to satisfy the varied needs that you have and crave for, besides the perfect ambiance, budget, and occasion.

Carousel at Royal Plaza at Scotts

Carousel buffet is a world-famous and doles out global gastronomy that takes almost every diner to cloud nine. Be it Japanese or Mediterranean, Asian or Oriental, this restaurant is famous for luxury seafood spread besides four fantastic dessert points that cater to guests with a passionate knack for sweets. 


Jubilicious gives a creative spin to the whole idea of a restaurant by offering a spirit of entrepreneurship that in turn, brings in the extraordinary cuisine of Halal. Few of the most star rated culinary delights of this place are Padang Pasta, Durian Royalty, Grilled Lemak Padi Tiger Prawns, Nasi Goreng Sambal Sardine, Asam Pedas Marina Pizza and many more.


Katong Kitchen

This special restaurant with halal buffets in Singapore offers dishes that symbolize the true heritage of Singapore combined with modern favorites and traditional classics. The restaurant is backed with a dreamy setting with wooden chairs, floors, and tables. 

When in Katong kitchen, you must try out are Peranakan Ayam Buah Leluak, Kueh Pie Tee, Beef Rendang. If you wish to pamper your sweet tooth, go for Durian Pengat, Nonya Kueh, the mini pastries, and Cempedak Crème Brulee.

Asian Market Café

The Asian market café is back with a bang and is presently adorned with the refreshed interiors that take influence from Singapore’s heritage colonial-styled houses. The paradisiac buffet represents the vivid diversity of cultures and flavors and is coupled with amazing DIY dessert stations that would keep bringing you back. 

Never miss out on the seafood varieties including the tasty and hot chili crab, chilled Durian pudding, Portuguese egg tart, fresh oysters, the-Tarik, lamb kebab, BBQ squid, Laksa, grilled stingray.

21 on Rajah

This halal-certified restaurant sits pretty in the center of foodie’s paradise Balestier since 2014. This restaurant, with a certified halal buffet in Singapore, welcomes its guests with kingly infrastructure and a wide variety of culinary delights. A few of the restaurant’s favorite delights are Singapore Laksa, Angus Beef Prime Rib-Eye, Durian Mousse, Roasted U.S., Sago Melaka, Nonya Kuehs, etc.

Next time you fly to Singapore, or if you are presently sitting these planning your halal buffet, these are few of the certified halal restaurants that you can consider to dine out. Good luck pampering your gastronomical urges!

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