Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

Buying Fresh Meat During Covid 

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The current global scenario has brought about quite a bit of change in the way we shop. The corona virus or Covid – 19 has been a major obstacle to all the meat lovers around the world. People were concerned about the hygiene and safety of the meat from the butcher shops or the restaurants. Rumours about corona virus being transmitted through meat grew and people were even more concerned. The market saw a drop in sales of conventional meat products. But with scientific experiments proving the rumours wrong, the demand for meat saw a rise again. But people are still concerned about hygiene and safety and hence have shifted to cooking non veg food at home rather than dining out or ordering it from restaurants. Ready to cook food boxes have also seen an increase in demand.

At home meat delivery services have come to the rescue of the people facing the challenge of finding hygienic and safe meat supply. Meat delivery is being provided by organised meat supplying companies. These companies have ensured hygiene, safety and timely delivery to their customers. Consumers have drastically shifted to these organizations for buying chicken, mutton, and other types of seafood. These organizations have seen rapid growth in the Covid era as consumers might tend to trust these bigger brands more than their local butchers. A few other reasons for people to choose these organizations over the local shops are:

  • Home delivery– They offer at home delivery services. Buying meat online reduces the risk of you getting in contact with the virus as you don’t have to step out of the house. The delivery guy will drop your order right at your door. Some companies offer this service for free while others might charge a minimal amount.
  • Hygiene & Safety– Online meat delivery companies have solved the major challenge faced by consumers by ensuring they follow 100% safety and hygiene. The people involved in running the whole delivery process are regularly tested, sanitized and follow proper precautions.
  • Offers and Discounts– Organizations have been providing their consumers with a lot of offers and discounts. Regular consumers and bulk buyers are benefitting a lot out of these services.
  • Provide fresh products– A lot of brands have been marketing processed and frozen meat products as fresh meat for years now. But now consumers are aware of their needs and want the best quality products. These organizations are doing great at providing exactly that to the consumers. Guaranteed fresh products.
  • Variety– Online meat delivery companies provide a wide range of products for satisfying their consumers and their various needs. One does not have to worry about the meat being halal, as meat suppliers do provide such halal variants on the online marketplace as well, taking utmost care of the quality of the product. Apart from that one can choose from a wide variety of mutton, fish, crab, duck meat, quail, steak, fillet, etc. A lot of companies also provide ready to cook kits for people who want to skip out on the preparations and prefer a quick and easy way out. Ideal for one and all.

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