Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Choosing the right Meat Supplier

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If you love meat then buy smart. Antibiotics and chemicals have been used unethically over the years to help animals grow faster and larger, treating or preventing infections, increasing feed efficiency, thereby benefiting the breeders. The use of antibiotics is favorable to the cunning but when it comes to consumption it poses threat to the consumer’s health. When these antibiotics are passed to humans they can cause a health risk. The overuse of chemical antibiotics is creating health issues in humans causing antibiotic resistance leading to life-threatening illnesses. The consequences of consuming resistant bacteria include severe infection, including vomiting and diarrhea. As a result, the doctors are finding it difficult to treat the growing number of infections caused by antibiotics resistance. WHO has identified this as a high priority public health concern globally. Despite several warnings from the Health Ministry, businesses are still injecting antibiotics in the animals.

You can avoid the risk of antibiotic resistance by buying antibiotics and chemical-free animal food products. Though it seems like a challenge to find antibiotics free meat, chicken, fish. FreshToHome app comes to the rescue. It’s a Bangalore based startup which delivers 100% fresh & chemical-free, chicken, seafood, poultry, meat straight from the farm to your door delivering to Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Thrissur, and many more cities. It’s a one stop destination for animal based products. The platform has a wide range of products from fish to mutton, raw meat, goat, lamb, chicken, duck, ready to cook dishes, and poultry, etc with the option of express delivery in most of the areas. The ones who find going to the fish market a bit messy, or don’t like the smell, or have no time to visit the market can simply order it from FreshToHome by just downloading the app. FreshToHome manages its own transportation and buys directly from farmers thus ensuring chemicals and antibiotics are not added. The application is available for both iOS & Android on google play store and app store.

FreshToHome did an internal survey where they found out that middlemen use the preservatives while storing the products. Keeping in mind India’s broken supply chain FreshToHome gave the platform to the local fisherman where they can typically auction the fish they catch and bid on that. Around 1500 fishermen traded with the company across 125 coasts. It not only gave a higher cost to the fisherman by eliminating the middleman cost but also delivered the chemical-free fish to the consumers.

Next time when you are buying fish, poultry, meat or chicken make sure to check the label and buy the one stating antibiotics and chemicals free. Your one choice can make a significant impact on your health. Buy wisely.

Download the FreshToHome app to get fresh meat delivery at your home.


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