Cocktail – things to know

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Few years back, in order to drink a cocktail, people preferred moving towards the bars and other refreshing centers. But this is not the case in current trend. Today people are showing much more interest in making cocktails at their home. Obviously this is also the wisest choice to taste cocktail in their preferable timing. But once if they have decided to make cocktail at home, they must be aware of certain basics about cocktail making. In case if they are not aware of these things, they can make use of the following discussion to get a clear idea about it.


The basic rule and the most important ingredient for making a cocktail is alcohol. In case if a person is trying to make a cocktail without alcohol, it means that they are missing a great ingredient which provides them the taste of cocktail. Shaking the cocktail finally with alcohol shots is the secret behind the flavor and taste of cocktail. Hence one should never miss this ingredient while making cocktail. And obviously this can be considered as the most important message mentioned in the rule book of making cocktail. 

Ice cubes

The people who are organizing a cocktail party should always have their freezer filled with ice cubes. Making a cocktail without ice cube is really a sin that is made for cocktail. This is because ice is also the most important ingredient for making cocktail. This is because ice is supposed to play multiple roles in a cocktail. This is not just used for making the cocktail chill. But it also influences dilution. There is also a measurement for using ice in the cocktail. One must remember that the ice should be little above the alcohol line when measured in a shaker. 


One must always remember that each and every ingredient which tends to add in the cocktail is more important. Even if it is a small proportion ingredient it should also be given the higher importance. Hence one should never be careless while coming to the ingredient. All the essential ingredients should be used for making a cocktail. In case if they are making pornstar martini cocktail they must make sure to get ready with all the ingredients including garnishing ingredients. This is because even garnishing tends to have its flavor and also provides a better freshness to the cocktail. Hence even the garnishing should be given the equal importance like that of other ingredients.  

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