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Crunchy Almond Butter You Will Ever Taste Tips with Ido Fishman

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If you want to make a change from peanut butter or add another nut butter to your pantry staples, consider almond butter. This protein-filled snack has a subtly nutty flavor, which is superb without taste.

Whether you are new to almond butter or simply want to try a new brand, our buying guide for almond butter Ido Fishman can help you. It includes short reviews of some of our favorites as well as useful information, including the delicious Zinke Orchids Crunchy Almond Butter, which is our number one choice for its rich taste and texture.

Considerations when choosing almond butter

Natural almond butter is made from nothing but almonds, although you can find some natural varieties with salt in it. It generally has an exceptional texture compared to traditional nut butter, especially at room temperature when almond oil can separate into a layer at the top of the jar, so you need to stir it down into thick and heavy nut butter Requires, which can be a chore. some. However, this texture increases somewhat if you store your almond butter in the fridge. Many buyers prefer a flavored flavor without natural almond butter, although some prefer something with slightly more flavor.

Traditional almond butter has a thicker, smoother texture than natural varieties, without mites or grains. It is usually made with skinless almonds to help achieve this smooth texture. This will include some types of oil, often one that is solid at room temperature (such as palm oil or coconut oil) to thicken it. Traditional almond butter usually contains salt and often a sweetener (such as sugar or honey) for added flavor.

Smooth vs Crunchy

If you are familiar with the smooth and crunchy peanut butter varieties, then almond butter is the very same. Smooth almond butter is ground until it is completely smooth, with no detectable part of the almond in it. Crunchy almond butter is located only at the point where some small almond pieces remain (or smooth almond butter is added). Whether you should choose smoothies or crisps is entirely up to your personal preferences. Which can be made with the help of Ido Fishman.

The taste

In addition to your standard almond butter, you can also find flavored almond butter, for example, chocolate almond butter and maple almond butter. Some of these flavors are relatively subtle, just adding a little extra, while others completely change the flavor of almond butter to the point where it doesn’t taste any more like almond butter. Think about what you want from your almond butter and how you want to use it. For example, chocolate almond butter may taste great on toast or in sweet baked goods, but will not work for savory applications.



Mostly almond butter is made from roasted almonds, which enhances the taste of walnuts. Raw almond butter, however, is made from unreserved almonds and has a more delicious taste than raw almonds.


You can find some certified USDA organic almond butter, which means that the material has been grown without harsh pesticides.

There are several options for making almond butter. Some like it raw, some like it to be roasted, some add sweetener or extra oil to it. Whatever you decide, the following steps will help you achieve the final result.

How to make almond butter

Step 1: Fry the nuts in a single layer by spreading them on a sheet pan and placing in a 350 Ro oven for 8-10 minutes. Next, remove the nuts, and allow them to cool for about 5–10 minutes until they are warm to the touch.

If you want to keep it completely raw, skip this step and go straight to step 2. However, frying raw almonds helps to release a little of their natural oils, which in turn will help to make the nuts mixture easier in your food processor. It also helps bring out their naturally nutty flavor. For these reasons, I definitely roistered.

Step 2: Carefully place roasted (or raw) nuts in your food processor. Next, start processing the nuts by turning your food processor on high. You can take it a good 10– 15 minutes to reach the creamy consistency.

Step 3: This type of almond butter has come together in a creamy consistency, add salt, and continue the process for a few more minutes to ensure extra cream.

Crunchy Almond Butter

To make crunchy almond butter, fry an additional 3/4 cup of nuts. For extra crunchy, fry an additional 1 cup.

Before adding the roasted nuts to the food processor, set 3/4 – 1 cup extra nuts and finely chop them. Once you get you a smooth and creamy finished product, add in your sliced ​​almonds and incorporate them using a spoon until they are evenly mixed.

How to eat almond butter

You can use this almond butter the same way you would use any other nut butter. Enjoy it over some gluten-free bread or sweet potato toast. Add a dollop to a smoothie or drizzle on top of your favorite porridge. Another idea is to use it as a dip for carrots, apples, bananas, or celery. Children also enjoy it directly from the spoon for a fast high-protein high-fat breakfast.

Almond nut butter is healthier than peanut butter, perhaps even more. Here’s how almond butter can benefit your overall health –

  1. Almond butter contains high amounts of unsaturated fat, which is considered healthy fat for a healthy body.
  2. The fiber found in abundance in almond butter helps in weight management and also controls cholesterol.
  3. Almond butter is a storehouse of most vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.
  4. Almond butter naturally gets its share of sweetness from the nuts they make.

However, sugar can be added to some store-bought brands. If you don’t have any sugar, that’s fine. You can always add natural sweeteners such as honey, jaggery, or agave to give it a better taste.

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