Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Debunking Some Popular Myths About Bars

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A piece of advice, whether true or false, can directly impact your drinking experience at a bar. Therefore, it’s important to clarify a few universal misconceptions that people usually fall for. So here let’s take a look at four common bar myths that you need not worry about anymore.

  • Myth 1: Drinks that are served in a cocktail glass is a martini: A Martini is a cocktail drink made with gin or vodka and garnished with olives and lemon twist. It is the best-known mixed alcoholic beverage in the premium bars and doesn’t include ingredients like apple schnapps, whipped cream, raspberry liqueur, fresh lime juice, lemongrass-infused ginger vodka, and grenadine. So when alcoholic beverages like beer or tequila are served in a cocktail glass, it can’t be called martini! You can check out the Brutopia bar for an amazing wine and dine experience.
  • Myth 2: People who work in bars are illiterate: Well, this is an obvious myth. Remembering orders of hundreds of customers daily, understanding their taste, and preparing new variations to fit their zest isn’t an easy task. Full-time bartending is a respectable and lucrative career option today. They are experienced people who are skilled in preparing unique-yet-exotic drinks and can earn in six digits. To wrap this up, we conclude that your bartender isn’t illiterate; he might be more educated than you.
  • Myth 3: Mixing different alcohols can lead to a hangover: The alcoholic beverages available in the bars are a mixture of ethyl alcohol, water, and required flavorings. However, if you observe dizziness, vomiting or headache after having them, it might be because of other reasons. It can be because you had three beers, two glass of red wine, several shots of tequila and martini. In simple words, it’s not because of the variety of different drinks that you had, but because you were over drunk.
  • Myth 4: You pay in the bar, so you are the king:  There are people who think that paying in the bar is similar to owning the bar. Such drinkers assume that the bartenders are their slaves and they can behave in any manner. To all those who think like this, remember you are just paying for the beverages, food, etc. and not for damaging their property and self-respect.

With this, we hope we have cleared all the wrong notions. Now, it’s time to be bar-ready.

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