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Do’s And Dont’s To Make Your Sandwiches Healthy

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Irrespective of what time it is, sandwiches make for a filling and sumptuous meal option. Easy and quick to make, they can be consumed on the go or relished peacefully during office lunch hours. While they are mostly healthy, the same sandwich might transform into a high-fat calorie bomb when loaded with wrong ingredients. Mayo, cheese and other fatty toppings that you think can add up to the taste can actually convert your sandwich into a diet disaster. To keep your calories in check and prepare healthy sandwiches that don’t make you feel guilty later on, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you must follow-

Do’s for a Healthy Sandwich

1)   Load it With Fruits or Veggies: When it comes to delicious, fresh and healthy sandwiches, veggies and fruits are the keys. While fruits can add a tasty crunch to your sandwich, veggies can help improve the taste to a great extent. Cucumber, tomato, zucchini slices are all good options. So are thinly-sliced watermelons, honeydew, pears, apples and cantaloupes.

2)   Choose the Right Type of Bread: Choosing the right type of bread goes a long way in making your sandwich recipe both nutritious and filling. Bread that is rich in fiber is an ideal choice in this regard. Brown bread is also a great option as it is packed with so many benefits and helps feel fuller for longer.

3)   Lay Down A Lighter Spread: While you might be tempted to use high-calorie spreads such as full-fat mayonnaise, there are many healthy ways of adding flavor to your sandwiches. Salad dressings, low-fat condiments, mustard, hummus and avocado slices are all great ways to keep your sandwich in a decent calorie range.

Don’ts for a Healthy Sandwich

1)       Don’t Load Up On Cold Cuts: Cold cuts,especially luncheon meats might be the easiest filling to use in your sandwich but they are loaded with sodium, fat and preservatives. Fresh slices of cooked turkey, chicken, seafood or whatever you prefer is always a better alternative. Also, avoid cheese especially the high-fat versions such as cheddar. If it is difficult for you to resist cheese, go with the low-fat variety such as the swiss cheese.

2)   Don’t Go For Grilled Sandwiches: No matter how popular they are, there’s no denying that grilled or Panini sandwiches are prepared using plenty of oils and butter that lends them their crusty texture. For a flavorful sandwich in a healthier package, go for toasted versions instead. Also, avoid using white bread as it is packed with preservatives and prepared with processed flours.

3)   Avoid Pre-Packed Sandwiches : Pre-packaged food is loaded with sodium and preservatives. In addition to that, they are often made using the cheapest meats, spreads and cheeses. Therefore, it is recommended to steer clear of pre-packaged sandwiches and prepare fresh, healthy sandwich in your kitchen.

When preparing your own sandwiches, making healthier choices like whole-grain bread and wraps from the best bakery brands in Indiasuch as Modern Foods can help avoid diet blunders.

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