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End Your Meal In A Beautiful Way With Asian Dessert Recipes

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One of the largest continents on the earth with a population of more than four billion it is also the most populated one. There are about 48 countries in the continent. All are of different traditions, cultures and food habits. All these make Asia a unique continent.

Asia and its cuisine

With so many countries sharing their traditions and culture, Asia’s cuisine has become the favourite among all. Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Arab etc; all have their awesome dishes loved throughout the world. The asian dessert recipes have also found special place in the hearts of the people.

Desserts of Asia

Who doesn’t want a bite of something sweet after a heavy meal? Most of the people after eating their lunch or dinner crave for something sweet to complete their meal. This time try something new. Try an Asian dessert.

Below are given some asian dessert recipes you should definitely try.

  • Ube halaya

This dessert is a specialty from Philippines. It is made from peeled and boiled purple yam along with condensed milk, coconut milk, sugar and butter. This Filipino dessert is served cold with a topping of grated coconut or a splash of condensed milk.

  • Shwe Yin Aye

This sweet dish is also called The King of the Desserts. This particular sweet dish is the product of Myanmar. This is made with a coconut base and a mix of different items like green ice flour jelly, glutinous rice seaweed and bananas.

Shwe yin aye is plated with a small piece of bread on top of the dessert so that all the coconut milk is soaked up.

  • Mochi

This is a Japanese sweet dish. It is very colorful. Made into small balls and filled with sweet red bean paste. It is made with glutinous rice flour. Its texture is a bit chewy and elastic. The different colors are given to this dish by using matcha (green tea powder) and some other artificial food colorings.

  • Mango sago

Born in Hong Kong, mango sago is a creamy dish made of mango, tapioca pearls and milk.

There are hundreds of sweet dishes is this beautiful continent and it won’t do justice if it is concised into one small article. Even the word dessert makes our mouth water.  For all sweet tooth’s, Asia provides you with the sweetest sweet dishes. Next time you want to make something special for your better half try a dessert from the Asian side.He will surely fall in love with you all over again.


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