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Everything you need to know about Foie gras

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Foie gras has become extensively popular over the years. This is one of the most popular delicacies around the world. In French, Foie refers to Fat liver and is usually composed of the duck or goose liver. Although Foie gras is extremely popular in France, it has been in the world ever since the time of Egyptians. Although the Foie gras recipe is controversial, it is surely one of the most luxurious foods in the world.

What is Foie Gras?

The main question has always been regarding the Foie gras. Well, it is served as a mousse or pate and is easily available in the market. If you buy Foie gras in the US, you will get it for a very affordable rate. In luxurious hotels, Foie gras is the main ingredient. If you want to enjoy something that is creamy and has a smooth texture, then you should surely be trying Foie gras. It has a buttery flavor which will eventually enhance the overall flavour.

The foie gras to be prepared with proper flavor needs to be enlarged by 10 times. This is usually done by force-feeding corn to animals only to enlarge them and this process is known as gavage. Although it has been there since the time of Egyptians it has turned out to be extremely controversial in today’s generation. Many animal rights activists are coming to the forefront to protest it. This is usually because gavage is considered as animal cruelty.

This does not end here. A lot of people also consider gavage to be a humane procedure. These people are of the view that the migratory birds such as ducks and geese fatten themselves by eating a lot of food before setting off to their migration. They say through this process they can manufacture the fatty goose liver which is further a humane or ethical process of getting Foie gras.

How to cook Foie gras?

If you opt to Foie gras buy Foie gras you need to ensure that you are extremely careful with it. While you may want to cook it luxuriously, there are various traditional ways which will eventually make it easier for you to cook foie gras. You can follow the process of heating, pan searing and cooking. Although it can be tricky, once when you learn to do it, cooking Foie gras will never be tough.

Foie gras is often served as baked or sauteed with different vegetables. But, one of the most popular forms of Foie gras is when it is turned into a mousse. It is also served as a liver pate with crackers and cream for a better taste.

What does Foie gras taste like?

Well, not a lot of people are lucky enough to relish the taste of Foie gras. A lot of people have often said that Foie gras has a slight taste of beef. The goose Foie gras is a refined one and has a mild taste. But the duck Foie gras is less fatty and can easily withstand the process of high-heat cooking.

Where to buy Foie gras?

Foie gras is easily available in the market in its different forms such as fresh, full fooked, whole and raw. You can either buy it from the market or local store or buy Foie gras online. You can check the different gourmet shops and then make one final decision. No matter where you buy Foie gras from, there will be a huge difference in terms of the pricing depending on which product was used and how it was made. Comparatively goose Foie gras is more expensive than a duck.

Foie gras is surely expensive and luxurious food. Make sure to try one whenever you get a chance.

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