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French cooking suites are gaining popularity as the perfect addition to residential and commercial kitchens. A French cooking suite is basically a flat cooking surface made from cast iron or rolled steel. It is a sophisticated cooking surface powered by gas, and the highest temperature is usually under the center plate. The temperatures get lower as you move away from the center ring. If you want higher cooking heat, you should place your cooking ware closer to the center and on the edges for lower heat. You can also remove the center plate to allow a wok above the exposed flame.

Benefits of a French cooking suite

One of the advantages of a French cooking suite, especially in commercial applications, is that you can use it to keep food warm without drying it out for foods you want to develop some flavor without evaporating the liquids. Also, the indirect heat transfer from the French top is gentle on your food, making it possible to hold food and sauces for longer periods.

Moreover, a French top is easier to clean, unlike a griddle, because you do not cook directly on the surface. You can keep it moisture-free with a neutral oil after every use.

What can be included in a French cooking suite?

Depending on your needs, you can have a custom french cooking suite with all the components you need to meet your cooking expectations. Some of the features included in a french cooking suite include:

The French top

This is the most critical element of the french cooking suite. It should have at least four burners to use multiple cooking pots simultaneously, making it easy for more chefs to use the cooking suite.

A work surface

A work surface is handy for preparing ingredients and kneading dough.

A sink

A sink comes in handy for filling the pots with water when cooking, washing dishes, and rinsing vegetables.


An oven is handy for baking food items like cakes and pies. Opt for one with at least two shelves where you can cook multiple foods simultaneously and should also have a rotating capability to ensure even baking.

Storage containers

Storage containers help store the food cooked in the french cooking suite. Therefore they should be made of materials that can withstand high temperatures in the cooking suite. Some popular materials include stainless steel and glass, and others have lids.

A steam cooker

Since you need to steam vegetables, a steam cooker in the french cooking suite comes in handy to prevent vitamins from getting destroyed in the high cooking temperature.

Food processor

A food processor helps you grate, slice, and chop vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

An ice cream maker

An ice cream maker helps you whip cream and make ice creams. Most of them are usually sold separately from the french cooking suite.


You should ensure all the appliances in your french cooking suite are compatible before purchase so that you make the most use out of it. Also, please do your due diligence to ensure it can suit your cooking needs.

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