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Famous Persian Foods

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Local cuisine of Iranian cities

If they ask me what has been the most exciting part of my life, maybe after the option of traveling, I’ll talk to them about the fun of eating. Imagine the size of cities and places of interest and unknowns, with traditional foods in Iranian cities that give one a taste of life. Without telling you, if you talk about the variety of French, Italian, Indian, Arabic and other dishes you have or want to experience, you will talk and teach your friend how to cook Chinese food but still enjoy traditional food. And the famous Iran has not got you, I have to say half your life is gone!
If you are looking for a list of delicious, famous and traditional Iranian food and you do not know what to eat, here is the article!

Persian Food Tabriz and its Meatballs!

We start tasting foods from the most famous, popular and also the most delectable and most sophisticated Iranian food. It’s you and this Tabrizi dumpling!
You may be able to eat meatballs anywhere in Iran and wherever you are, but Tabrizi meatballs have a special way of making them, which no other meatballs have. In general, to prepare the meatballs, slice the meat in a stone mortar and then add the vegetables and cotyledons. At the end, put walnuts and almonds in the meatballs and then decorate with hot onions and barberry ready. The death of this dish is in the same special vegetables and the number of eggs used to prevent dumplings. Which makes it wonderful.

persian food

Persian Foods – Gilan and the Bean Scraper!

Mirza is not new to sour food! You all may have experienced some of it. The same Mirzaqasemi, sausages and sour barbecue are among the popular dishes of Gilan. You can’t go to Gilan and taste the sour barbecue that is rolled in pomegranate paste and spices. If you are not allergic to eggplant, Mirza Ghasemi, whose roasted eggplant aroma comes from, can be a great option for a meal. If you choose the lunch for lunch, pick it with pickles and olives.

Persian Foods – Bakhtiari’s Chahar Mahal and Kebab

If you are a fan of all kinds of tasty barbecues, eating a tasty baked barbecue cooked by the Bakhtiari itself can bring you back to life when you are finished with the magnificent attractions of Bakhtiari. Of course, you don’t need to go to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari to eat Bakhtiari, as many cities offer the most delicious Bakhtiari according to the same instructions.

Persian Foods – Kermanshah and its barbecue ribs

Everyone knows the birthplace of Kermanshah rib kebab (even if you didn’t already know it already!) Sheep ribs cooked with the Kermanshah model can not be compared to any other kebab in Iran. If you skip the grilled ribs or go to a restaurant that has finished this meal, you can experience the stew of almonds or Assyrian.

Persian Foods – Azerbaijan and its barbecue

If you’re a keen fan of barbecue pills, Bonab’s Kebab is very adaptable to your temperament. Bonab’s barbecue is similar to a barbecue barbecue, but much larger in size and size. If you travel to Tabriz and East Azerbaijan, be sure to make a mourning for the barbecues there. You will not regret it.

Traveling to Iranian Cities Alongside the Fun of Tasting Foods in Any City It is Better to Know About the Souvenirs of that City The article presents the best souvenirs of any city: Famous Souvenirs of Iranian Cities

Persian Foods – Shiraz and its cabbage soup!

Kale Polo has its own target audience. Made from lunar cabbage and special greens and minced meat, it is rich in nutrients and is specific to Shirazi. Although it is cooked everywhere, its hometown was Shiraz. This dish is one of the popular dishes of Shirazi tourists. Also, choose a Shirazi salad to taste this dish to test the great combination. Shirazi polo, ice cream, pea bean, espresso, carrot polo, peach dumplings, shrimp, sugar polo are other popular Shirazi foods.

Persian Foods – Yazd and its Ashes!

If you have a craving for Ash, head to Yazd. You can find all sorts of Ashes in this city. The pomegranate soup that is also used to cook the meat, the pumpkin soup, which is the best food for diabetics, the soup, the soup that is one of the most popular soups in the city.
The stew is another food of the warm-blooded people of Yazdi. If you are a fan of eating soup, be sure to experience aloe. The combination of plum and lettuce, along with sugar, lemon juice, and thistle and cotyledon, is a spice and eventually turns into a beautiful flower.

Qazvin and Gheima Nisar!

This is not an ordinary affair. If you want to eat the Qazvini’s delicacies that are cooked at their weddings, choose Neza Nimsa. Except for cotyledon, the gheem nesar has the same ingredients as ours, with the addition of barberry, almond and pistachio, sugar, saffron and spices.

Esfahan and its grill!

As you walk along the Zayandehroud River, you will be drunk after watching the sights of this beautiful city. Eating the combination of mutton and white liver with special spices will complement the good things of your day. Half of the traditional food is half the world. The combination of this delicious and fatty meal with fresh buttermilk with mint scent and hot sangak bread will keep your hearty taste forever.

Khuzestan and its fish!

If you are traveling to Ahvaz or Khuzestan, take advantage of the opportunity and taste the special dishes of this area. Fish noodle is one of the famous dishes of the warm and hospitable people of Khuzestan which, as its name implies, is made with special fish and vegetables whose fragrant aroma stimulates your appetite for a unique taste. Dal lentils, shrimp plus and rangink are other delicious dishes in our country. Of course, you can’t go to Ahwaz and be able to ignore the Ahlawat-native Arabs.

Mashhad and its Shishliks!

In the sandy and turquoise areas you walk in, be sure to try Shishlik. The best and most delicious of Iran’s shishiliks are cooked in these pristine and sandy areas. Two things to keep in mind about the quality of Shishlik are that the Mashhadis have followed them well. The first is that the shishlik is fresh (the meat that you want to fill up in Tehran itself) and the other is that the shishlik is not dried and so slightly juicy from the charcoal. It is interesting to know that the shishlik is derived from the Turkish word for skew, and the shishlik is the same roasted meat as skew.

persian foods

Hamadan and its roe broth

If you are looking for a different taste of broth and vegetable curds, be sure to try the cormorant broth. In principle, the combination of broth and herb has created a different taste that makes it tasty. If you are looking for traditional and famous dishes in Hamadan, Ashajjad is another option to try. In addition to the materials used in the ash, ash is also used in a kind of irregular dough, which is used in the ash after drying on heat.

Here’s a list of the most famous restaurants in Tehran that offers all these good quality food: Address of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran

The most famous and delicious Iranian food

Now if you were to tell your foreign guests authentic Iranian food, which foods would you name? Are you talking about Tabriz dumplings or Kermanshah rib kebabs? Here are some of the most authentic Iranian dishes. You can use it to prove the taste of the Iranians, as well as our wonderful cooking in front of your foreign guests.

Sultan of authentic Iranian cuisine;

If you have eaten a tasty vegetable crust in your life, it will remain under your tongue for the rest of your life. One of the most popular dishes for most Iranians is this vegetable. Made from turmeric, stewed meat, red beans, and lemon juice, this dish is mourned with saffron rice and Shirazi or yogurt salad with onions. (I’m officially starving to this point)

Vegetable cuttings

Gheymeh stew

Like the green vegetable, the ghee has many fans. It is made from a combination of stewed meat, lemon zest, cotyledon and paste that can be fried or sliced chips for decoration. If you add fried eggplant, the ghee will become eggplant.

John, John, Fusanjan

It is a popular and popular dish in many formal and party gatherings. This dish is made from walnuts, pomegranate paste, poultry or minced meat. It is a hot food that is eaten in different parts of Iran with different flavors. Somewhere in Males, somewhere sweet and even sour. Which flavor do you like the most? Prepare the same for your foreign guest.

Daisy with Sangak bread

Daisy or broth is also one of the most popular Iranian dishes. Broth is a simple and delicious dish left by the nomads. Soak fresh sangak in the water, welcome your foreign guests with its delicious onions, pickles, greens, and crispy meat in turquoise earthenware dishes and tell them about Iranian tradition and culture.

Barberry rice with chicken

Another home-made dish is chicken, which has its own flavor with a special sauce. Chicken with saffron rice, along with almonds, pistachios and barberry, in addition to its appetizing color combination, is very delectable. Especially if you add a little orange juice to it.

Chickens and tomatoes

One of the most common foods, especially on holiday in the heart of nature, is the charcoal chicken that Iranians master. The chick must be juicy. This meal is made in two types: bone and bone. Grill the chicken and serve with grilled tomatoes.

Before you get overwhelmed by the variety of food and color combination, tell which food you like the most. The Iranians have come to terms with their food and nutrition, and their skills in this field are truly commendable. Highly nutritious foods can give you a new life.



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