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Few of the Most Delicious Varieties of Coffee

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Coffee is a drink that attracts us with its taste and fragrance for the last 1200 to 1300 years, and perhaps it is the oldest drink in human history. Do you know coffee is grown in almost 70 countries in the world?

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What are the types of coffee beans?

There are three main types of coffee beans. These types of beans have different types of flavors while they are processed and harvested.

  • Liberica

Liberica is a low yield variety of coffee as compared to the other 2 varieties of Robusta and Arabica.

  • Robusta

This variety of coffee contains 2.5% more amount of caffeine as compared to other types but has a very strong taste.

  • Arabica

This coffee bean variety has low caffeine with a smoother taste that is aromatic and delicious. Almost 80% of the coffee produced in the world is from these types of beans.

In the recent years, lots of interest in coffee has increased in our country too. Let us know about a few delicious varieties of coffee, which are grown in different parts of the world.

  • Vietnam – Robusta

The only thing that was not affected by the Vietnam War was coffee. People in Vietnam, prefer the Robusta coffee bean because of its strong taste. Vietnam can be called the native land of Robusta.

  • Indonesia – Robusta and Arabica

Indonesia is frequently associated with interesting types of coffee. Indonesia produces 660,000,000 kg of coffee in a year. As compared to coffee produced by Brazil and Colombia, coffee quality and taste are a little pale.

  • Brazil – Arabica

The coffee grown in Brazil is known for its taste and they supply premium quality coffee to the whole world. The coffee of Brazil is usually preferred as it has very low acidity.

  • India – Arabica and Robusta

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans both are grown plentifully in India. The much-renowned coffee beans, which are grown in the southern region of India are known for their high level of acidity and soft taste.

  • Colombia – Arabica

Colombia is just behind Brazil so far as coffee taste is concerned with its Arabica coffee bean. Few delicious coffee types available in Colombia are Supremo and Extra.

  • Ethiopia – Arabica

People of Ethiopia has been drinking coffee since the 800s A.D. As per the rumor, goats too used to eat coffee beans in ancient times. Ethiopia produces 384,000,000 kg of coffee in a year, has got prized coffee trees that can yield delicious coffee.

  • Uganda – Arabica and Robusta

Ugandan coffee is quite similar to African coffee that has an aroma of a wine. But as compared to its popularity, it is behind Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee. Most of the coffee produced in Uganda is exported and that contributes significantly to the economy.

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