Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Finding the right BBQ caterer for your upcoming event

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BBQs are rapidly becoming a go to choice when it comes to event planning. They feature a great selection of food, have an incredible wafting aroma and all guests love a BBQ no matter what time of the year it is.

BBQs aren’t just for summer garden parties, but can be ideal choices for weddings, corporate weekends or special birthday celebrations. 

Once you have decided on the cuisine of BBQ your next step should be to start looking around for the best BBQ catering service in town. Easier said than done, here is a couple of ideas to consider to help get you started.

A world of different dietary requirements

Times are changing and there is now more food options than ever before. Instead of just a meat or vegetarian diet, there is now multiple newer foodie options including vegan, lactose or gluten free choices.

Having all the dietary requirements for large groups of guests can be very difficult, so in some circumstances it is best to ensure that the BBQ caterer you hire are able to accommodate all these different food types. 

Service providers like corso bbq can all offer a substantial selection of appetising food options so there are definitely options out there to choose from. 

In addition to the main food items on the menu, don’t forget to also consider the side dishes plus afters too.

Pristine levels of service

Having a stunning display of BBQ cuisine at your event is a very fine thing to have, but if the service is no good your event may suffer as a result. 

Customer service with a catering service is very important. In the first element, you must be treated like royalty if the firm expect to get your contract. If you are paying for a service you expect to be treated properly and of course have a close liason with the firm throughout the duration of the contract so you get your money’s worth. This includes help and details of ordering food, making adjustments for dietary needs and of course ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. 

Customer service of course continues from there as the event takes place. This side of customer service is just as important as the first instance as it makes an impression on you and not just the event. You don’t want to hire an unprofessional firm who are late, produce bad food and look like they don’t want to be there.

Be picky till the end and make sure that the BBQ catering service you hire delivers everything theyr promise throughout the planning stages of the contract. Regardless of whether you book a standard service or have additional options on top, you should be assured that you and your guests will be treated well by all team members throughout the duration of the event in question. Do enough reseacrh at the start to ensure the customer service really is on par.

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