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Five Essential Creative Ideas You Can Use To Transform Your Affordable Venue

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An event is the crafting unforgettable mind blowing experience culminating into sentimental memories that linger in one’s memory to savour for a lifetime. An experience is created the moment your guests walk into your venue and are immediately impacted by the design and décor of your space.

With the increase and variety of events being hosted and attendees being spoilt for choice, experiences will always be a significant influence. An affordable venue hire in Johannesburg is an important feature that will ensure your guests will gloat about attending your event to anyone who cares to listen.

To convert a cheap venue for hire into a visually stunning space that marinates your guests in an out of this world experience, you will have to spend massive amounts of money. However, chances are your pockets are not as deep as those of Sir Richard Branson, and you do not have the luxury of a massive budget to play with.

Hosting an event at an affordable venue for hire in Johannesburg that creates a different, unique, yet powerful impression on your potential guests will require you to think differently and creatively. We have compiled a list of useful event design tips to jump-start your creative juices flowing so your space charm the pants off your guests with breaking your budget;

  1. Creative Layout

After securing your preferred affordable venue for hire in Johannesburg, try to conjure up some creative ideas on how best you can utilise the available space. Manier times, conventional layouts tend to be bland, leaving a lot to be desired. The design of how event can be drastically improved with a pinch of creativity.

You can captivate your audience and set your event a class apart by moving tables into a unique shape, using a stage or a riser creatively. What you can also do is offering a variety of spaces like traditional tables, high tops as well with more casual seating options, such as couches. It will provide your guests with more seating options to choose from and offer them different areas for them to have conversations and enjoy your event.

  1. Unique Seating

Your guests deserve a comfortable place to sit during the during your event, right? Hosting a traditional wedding or meeting does not mean that your seating arrangement should be dull or uncomfortable.

One of the best things that can add to your event design, while serving its purpose, is the arrangement of chairs. A popular trend that is a great way to get your guests more engaged is utilising family-style or community seating, and it works well for events.

Also, you can be inventive in the style of chairs you use, such as using hay bales or picnic tables at an outdoor event. If you want to avoid the clutter of having hundreds of chairs, you can rent long benches or use beanbags if the setting is appropriate.

  1. Use Colour

In any event design, colour is an essential aspect. At most events, flowers are used to integrate colour, but using large floral displays is very expensive. It is also advisable to find creative ideas for colour in the items that are important for the event, like linens, chairs, plates or skirting, etc.

Another effective method of adding some colour is through using lights. Your lighting is something you have already budgeted for and can pack a punch more powerful than Muhammad Ali’s punch that knocked out George Foreman in ‘The Rumble in Jungle’ match in Zaire. To transform your affordable venue for hire in Johannesburg, you can add either uplighting, spotlights or general room lighting.

  1. Utilise Local Artwork Or Photography

A practical and affordable way to add some visual impact to your event is through art display. Opting for large displays can cause a massive dent to your budget, but you can strike a perfect deal if you reach out to local, up-and-upcoming artists. If lady luck is on your side, some artists will be willing to offer a display at no charge, on condition that you list their work as items that are up for sale.

If you cannot bring the art gallery or museum to your cheap venue for hire in Johannesburg, you can host your event there. Such places may be expensive, but the advantage is that your décor is already provided.

You can use personal photos, if your event is a wedding or birthday party, to create a beautiful and sentimental display.

  1. Bring In Natural Elements

The abundance of beauty that Mother Nature offers can be brought to your event. However, bringing in this splendour to your affordable venue for hire in Johannesburg is costly. You can be inventive by using affordable flowers or seasonal elements offered at a discounted rate.

Keep in mind when working with a tight budget that branches or wildflowers are offered at a lower rate as opposed to more traditional flowers like roses. Additionally, you can move your wedding outside.

Looking for an affordable venue for hire in Johannesburg should never be a daunting and time-consuming process. At Silvasale, we offer the best cheap venue for hire in Johannesburg that will add a touch of class to your event without breaking the bank. Call us.


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