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Five suggestions to choose the best cheese for you

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Did you know that cheese production reaches more than 20 million tons a year? No wonder this food is a favorite of most people, and is present at the table of many people around the world. So it never hurts to know more about this food and especially when it comes to choosing and buying Delicious cheeses.

Where to buy cheese?

As with any other item, it is important that you know where the product comes from. There are many places where you can buy good cheese – gourmet stores, cheese shops, farmers’ markets and online stores like Cheese lover shop. If you choose to buy at a store, or online make sure that the person selling it is well informed. Avoid buying cheese that is past its expiration date.

Cheese production

If you have any problem related to milk or cheese in particular, check the label to see how it was made – with what type of milk (cow, goat, sheep), is it pasteurized or raw milk, and if uses any chemical ingredients vegetable or microbial rennet. It’s why it’s important to buy the cheese online form the best online store that knows everything about the cheese. A good cheese maker/seller answers your questions and points you in the right direction.

State of the cheese

How to determine the status of the product at the time of purchase? The best thing is to be guided by the aroma, appearance and taste. Some characteristics that may indicate that the cheese is not fresh or in good condition are the ammonia smell, sour milk or simply an unpleasant odor. When you look at it, the cheese should have no cracks, discoloration or mold.

However, keep in mind that cheeses of natural origin can have a rustic look, which is one of their attributes. If you have the opportunity, try the cheese before buying it. If you can’t taste the cheese but want to try it, the next best option is to buy as little as possible. Anyway, you can always go back to the market to buy more. Or you can order more online if you like the taste.

Cheese validity

When choosing your product, it’s important to look at the labels, especially when buying fresh cheese, to make sure the product isn’t already expired, or too close to its expiration date. If you buy a piece of cheese that has been split into smaller pieces, ask the store for the label, which should also include an expiration date next to the weight and price indicator figures.

How much cheese to buy?

As a general rule, it is advisable to buy only the amount that you are able to consume in a given time. If when buying the cheese it is wrapped in plastic, change the packaging when you get home, because air and humidity are essential to keep the cheese in the best possible condition.

By following this simple guide to choosing and buying cheese, you will be able to enjoy even more of this delicious and healthy food, as you will choose it in the best way possible.

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