Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Food ordering apps- a trending technology for restaurants of 2020!

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Consumers demand for change and new technology is inevitable. Therefore, restaurants should embrace and adapt to change and keep thriving through cutting-edge food ordering apps. It may not be easy to adapt to technology trends because restaurants may lack the knowledge of understanding the right technology fit for their restaurant. But adapting to new technology like food ordering applications is always necessary. It poses both unique and greater opportunities for efficiency and consumer connection.

Nowadays, restaurant guests of all ages engage with restaurants through technology like mobile devices and operators work to respond with food ordering applications, self-pay options, and mobile-friendly websites. Moreover, instore self- service kiosks are known to bring more success to restaurants. Technology plays a role in the guests’ experience even before they walk through the doors. Consumers tend to choose restaurants based upon their menus online or their online reviews before arriving at the restaurant. Therefore, all restaurants have begun to realize their success depends on how well they integrate technology into their daily operations, driven in part by consumers’ demands for more personalized restaurant experience. Applova shares some of the solutions designed for restaurant’s success in 2020! Unlike the 3rd party applications, these apps are commission-free apps, saving restaurants about 30%-40% monthly. A research by Hospitality Tech, 2018, discovers that 70% of the consumers prefer to order directly from restaurants, not through third-party services.  Here are some of Applova’s solutions: 

  1. Online ordering platform– Provides mobile responsive, web-ordering capability. Online sales migrate from call-in sales, which is a win for restaurant operation. There is no interaction with the customers other than when the customer picks up the food. Restaurants will start experiencing minimal complaints, and online ordering usage will keep increasing every month. Applova ensures the restaurant’s web ordering page looks great on any device no matter the size of the screen, providing an optimal viewing experience to the user. 
  2. Mobile order-ahead apps– Some of the biggest brands in the foodservice industry are already making use of mobile order-ahead technology to boost their business. Mobile order-ahead apps use a sleek design, with simple navigation, and enticing food imagery to allow consumers to place their orders for dining-in, delivery or pick-up. Mobile order-ahead apps have been a great way to simplify the ordering process, cutting down long lines and makes the restaurant service more efficient and productive.

Furthermore, restaurant owners can continuously engage with their customers. Send out personalized messages, invitations for an upcoming event, letting them know about the crazy discount that is running and so on! One of the biggest perks of these mobile order-ahead apps is that unlike third party food aggregator apps, restaurants own their customers’ data. Restaurants can study and plan their promotions for their customers.

  1. Self-ordering kiosk – Providing a remarkable in-store experience for customers and to improving the bottom line is what restaurants are all going for. There has always been a stroke of tough luck in finding ways to maximize revenue-especially with the wage rise, but with the new introduction to Self-ordering kiosks in the foodservice sector, it has become THE weapon needed. Large brands in the foodservice industry have already recognized the benefits of a self-ordering kiosk and have deployed kiosks at an aggressive pace. 

Applova introduces Self-ordering kiosks for restaurants of all sizes. It helps in guiding guests to order through their digital menu which has large mesmerizing imagery, this increases order sizes with add-ons and variations. 

Restaurants claim to have an increase in revenue when implementing self-ordering kiosks.  Furthermore, orders are more accurate because guests are directly involved in ordering and that helps in improving the overall customer service. Self-ordering kiosks speed up the checkout process, therefore eliminates long lines and wait-times.

Food ordering apps can make restaurants of all sizes stay ahead of competition. Implementing these solutions coupled with effective marketing strategies will make restaurants stand out as an innovative business and meet more and more customers. Food ordering apps set up restaurants for efficiency, growth and a steady increase in revenue.

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