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Great Smeared recipes with the soya chunks 

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Like other beans in the world of vegetarians, soya beans play an important role to provide the required nutritional values for them. The soya beans deemed as the edamame beans that are suitable to eat fresh from the pod. The origin of this soya is different based on the land of cultivation. In the same line, the taste of the soya forms will differ from another. In the different forms of soya, you can try multiples of dishes. From this article, you can get to know the list of recipes that can try with the Nutrela Soya chunks recipe to raise the health benefits.

Amazing soya recipes that you should try

Despite some wondrous health benefits, cooking with soya ingredients will make you fall in love with soya. If it seems to see the soya on the everyday plate, you can try out the following recipes with soya. The great thing while cooking the soya is it can be molded into any ingredient texture. Be ahead to try the following recipes with nutrela soya chunks.

Soya chunks with cabbage cups

 With the oriental flavors of onion, chili powder, bean sprouts and additional ingredients as per your cooking style you can cook it. Using the fresh cabbage cups for this Nutrela soya chunks recipe will help to hold a fragrant filling in the dish. It is one of the Thailand recipes.

Soya Kebabs

Mash the soya chunks and made bunches of kebabs by adding the essential ingredients as per your taste. Then you have to bake it or fry. Definitely, when the dish comes properly it will replace the dish of the meat texture. Be sure to cook the soy granules well to obtain the best texture to cook well and taste the best.

Soya haleem

It is one of the traditional foods in the list of Muslim dishes to makeover especially for vegetarians. This dish can be made with the granules of soya, cracked wheat and a host of spices. You can add the texture of spices for this dish and add other ingredients to makeover this as per your taste.

Soya stuffed with Zucchini

This food item is deemed as the perfect snack from the nutrela soya chunks recipe. By adding the uncooked gravy mixture of soya chunks with zucchini and stuffing them is the right method to cook it. Definitely, this recipe will never make you disappointed when you topped it with right sautéed soya and baked lovely.


The preparation of this dish is similar to the dish of meaty Bolognese method. By cooking this dish with the hot spicy will give you the best taste to add it for noodles or other food items. This dish seems like most favorite Vegetarian version of Bolognese to taste the best food.

With the nutrela soya chunks recipe, you can prepare the soya food recipes which can take place as a snack or main dish on diet charts. The only thing is when you need to take the healthy food, preferring to add soya chunks on diet are an ideal one.

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