Handmade Gifts including Chocolate Almond Bark

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you had to show up somewhere with a gift all the stores were closed and you didn’t know what to bring? Well this chocolate almond bark is the perfect solution for any gifting problem. All you need to do is create the chocolate almond bark out of chocolate and almonds and voila you have the perfect gift!

Chocolate almond bark is a great gift – chocolate almond bark with ginger that you decorated yourself with sprinkles or candy canes or a dusting of cinnamon is even better. Creating a gift from scratch is incredibly rewarding and it shows that you were thinking more than about bringing a simple gift and bringing something from the heart. A gift that you make at any time of the year is special, but at the holidays it’s even more so. Creating a gift from scratch takes time and effort and it’s not something that everyone is willing to do. Creating something from scratch is difficult but this chocolate almond bark recipe is actually quite easy and so it will look like you did more than you really did.

At the holidays time is precious. It’s difficult to make gifts from scratch and in fact if you have children you’re likely also having to make things for a school bake sale or similar. This means your already stretched time is stretched even further. This put even more pressure on you making handmade gifts even more special. Creating something simple like chocolate almond bark which can be made in large quantities easily and personalised by pressing candy canes or white chocolate stars in to the warm chocolate creates the illusion that more effort was made.

Adding chocolate almond bark to the top of cupcakes makes them extra special easily. This creates the illusion of a much more expensive cupcake. You can even buy pre-made cupcakes and icing in a jar and add your chocolate almond bark and pretend you made it all from scratch. For an even easier hack by premade cupcakes and just place a crossed pair of candy canes in the icing on the top of the cupcake for an instant holiday-themed treat.

Easy holiday hacks also include things like dipping shortbread cookies in the leftover chocolate from the chocolate almond bark. Why not create chocolate truffles with your family by using the extra chocolate from the chocolate almond bark, a bit of cream, and some sugar to make chocolate truffles.

There are so many ways to make quick and easy gifts. Coat the chocolate truffles that you made with your family completely in chocolate to keep them fresher for longer by sealing them against the air. Add alcohol to chocolate ganache to make a boozy truffle. Add alcohol to chocolate ganache and a bit of extra cream to make a chocolate ganache icing for a layered cake.

There is so much you can do with chocolate to create the perfect gift or the perfect desert. Why not start a new tradition of making chocolate gifts a week before Christmas or even as part of Christmas Eve traditions to hand out to neighbours, the emergency services, or elderly community members to help brighten up their holidays.

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