Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

HiLite 1 Pack Bistro Apron – Two Pockets – Waiter Waitress Chef Unisex – 920

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The Bistro Apron – Two Pockets is one of the most admirable clothing of the current century. Lots of textile and tailoring professions are currently designing the not only the best two pocket waiter and waitress chef Aprons, they as well designing an apron that meets the needed standard. In the current world, hotels, restaurants as well as outside catering companies, are doing the best they can to ensure that their waiter, as well as waitress, look neat and smart. 

Most of the material used in making the two pocket apron is durable, thus, proffering optimal wrinkle-resistant apron. The two pockets apron is long-lasting, and it makes wait as well as waitress look professional and more so clean. Besides, the praises that comes with this apron. The main objective of the apron is to protect the wait and waitress from soiling their dress. Above all, it is healthy. 

Unisex apron 

Unlike most aprons available in the market, the two pocket apron is a unisex apron, meaning both men and women can comfortably wear it. It fits well and can be won whenever the wait is cooking or serving.

Apron Ties

The self-fabric attire ties are what give this attire a perfect look. It might be the best match every time you wear it.


The two-pocket apron offers you every one of the pockets you need. Each pouch is big and more so strong enough to hold an iPad2, or any other device. 


The poly plus cotton material makes the Two-Pocket Bistro Attire durable as well as developed well-fitted for kitchen work. It is Pre-tested for toughness as well as energy, and these aprons can stop you from seeking good change following shift. It is worth the pricing! Lastly, the apron color does not fade even after washing. 

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