How Can You Maintain Your Health By Maintaining A Good Water Purifier At Home?

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We all know how polluted our environment is these days. There is simply no purity at all. Drinking the contaminated or unpurified water is causing a lot of harm to our body. For instance, new diseases are springing up, and this slowly is rising the epidemic diseases. More than 2000 water contaminants are known to us, and if we still do not take measures to drink contaminant-free water and purified water. Then we are bringing up harm to ourselves. Thus, there is a need to maintain our health by having a good water purifier at home.

What Are These Water Filters?

 Water filters are those who filter the water and help us to drink purified water. Sometimes they are inbuilt in the taps (in countries like the US) and sometimes, they are available as Aqua Guards in countries like India.

When people want to have an Aquaguard at home, they should have trusted and reputed brands like Eureka Forbes. But why do you need a water filter for good health?


These water purifiers help you to drink good water which is 80% of our body. When you take pure water that is free of contaminants then, this will help the body to function better and not waste time in fighting these contaminants.

Do you know over 65% of the plastic bottled water is a waste to our mother earth every year? Hence, when you start drinking Aquaguard purified water, you don’t end up buying plastic water bottles, and this automatically helps to save the environment. When the situation is clean, we are clean too.

In much-contaminated water, if there is high Aluminum content present, then there are chances you may get Alzheimer’s disease. It is the hardest element to excrete from the body, and it may try to enter your brain too. But once it comes to the mind, it can cause Alzheimer’s diseases. Hence, to stay away from such conditions drink Aquaguard purified water.

When the impurities water gets treated in the Aqua Guard, you are filtering all the risks to cancer, heart attacks, or defective births of the newborn babies. When you are treating the water also, the Aquaguard purifies it of chlorine that is linked to cancer.

These water purifiers also filter all the slimy and sticky substances that come off when there are any plumbing drawbacks. Hence, you are getting fresh and contaminant-free food when you cook it with Aquaguard water.

Thus, you know the benefits of Aquaguard which brand to choose, how are you going to maintain it?

It is simple actually, and all you have to do is to call the Eureka Forbes aquaguard customer care number. and then an executive will be assigned to you. This can be done for annual maintenance.

Change The Water Filters

If there are any other problems, you should change the water filters. This will ensure the smooth functioning of the Aqua Guard.  Over time, when the water filters bear all the brunt of purifying the water, they capture the contaminants. But when these contaminants are collected, then the water filter efficiency goes down. Thus, keep changing the water filters whenever you deem necessary.

Get The Regular Services Done

If there is no such problem, then you can get the regular service done. In the daily services, you ask a technician to come and service the water purifier so that there is always optimum purification done. When you are getting the regular service done, do not forget to drain out all the water in the tank which was stored in the container for more than two days.

Leaks Should Not Be Ignored

While using the water purifier, if you ever experience a hole, do not ignore it. Quickly get an expert to deal with the issue and then rest assured try to follow all the necessary steps afterward. The RO membrane also needs to be replaced now and then whenever it affects the water. Notice the signs quickly and then replace it with a new one. This is important as it affects the filtration quality of the water purifier.

Hence, these are a few ways you can keep your water purifier running for a long time when you maintain it properly. Yes, it has become challenging to maintain the water purifier in the fast-paced life, and you need to keep yourself healthy too. Hence, you need to invest a little bit and purchase good Aquaguard for your health and safety.


Always try to purchase a pleasant and branded water purifier so that if you ever need to maintain your water purifier, you can get the help immediately. Apart from that, you can find many online websites that sell natural water purification systems that will become easy for you to maintain the water purifiers.

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