How Oreo Cheesecake Has Changed The Meaning Of Quick Dessert

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Dessert is one of the most important and finest part of the meal, when you ask any foodie, they would prefer having their dessert before their actual meal which suggest they were really looking forward to it. Some people might say they have a real sweet tooth which is the main reason why they like having dessert but one of the main reason is they activate those hormones that love anything sweet, no one wants any extra work when it comes to food and with dessert the case is very easy, they can very easily eat and swallow it without hurting their mouth with any spice and other things which require a lot of work to eat and digest.

Food is something which is filled with experiments and many of them came to existence with the help of these experiments, cheese cake is one of the most recent and running example of experiments, there are hundreds of cheesecakes that have been made in the recent past and one of the most loved and liked one is Oreo cheesecake, people are loving all the experiments that chefs are doing all around the world with the help of these Oreo cakes.

Easy recipe to make Oreo cheesecake

Making an Oreo cheese cake is very and one can make it with the help of following steps:

  • Take a packet of Oreo biscuits and separate the two to remove the cream filled in between them.
  • Take the biscuits and put them in a zip lock packet and crush them into powder.
  • Now gently mix the powder with some butter and spread it in a thin layer on your cake tin.
  • Take some cheese and whisk it with help of machine and gently mix some vanilla extract, milk and leftover Oreo cream.
  • With that whisked mixture spread it evenly on top of it and dust some Oreo biscuit powder and garnish it the way you like.
  • After the cake is made, freeze it for about two hours and it’s done, and ready to be served.

Why cheese cakes are this successful?

The reason behind the success of cheese cakes and specially Oreo cheesecake is that they are easy to make and very delicious in taste. There are all parts in the world where cheese cakes are playing their part and with the help of these they can increase their serving palette to two or more desserts.

Everyone loves a little bit of sweet, make sure you provide them with that.

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