Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

How to Start a Business as a Malaysian Restaurant Chef

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If you want to become a restaurant chef in Malaysia, you have embarked on a challenging, yet an exciting adventure. Running a restaurant in Malaysia is very fulfilling and lucrative.

Type of Food to Serve

As a chef, you need to have something very original and tasty to offer the public. It isn’t necessary to offer something from each and every cultural group of Malaysia. You can succeed by focusing on just one set menu influenced by one particular culture. As long as you have something unique yet delicious in your menu, your diners will be satisfied.

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Sourcing Ingredients from Reputable Suppliers

Your ingredients should always be safe for human consumption and be available when necessary. Some ingredients could be out of season for certain months in Malaysia. Thus, you should always have a backup plan in case certain ingredients suddenly go out of stock. 

You will need to have a secondary supplier and may see yourself stocking a lot of ingredients in the freezer at times.

Pricing Dishes to Keep Them Affordable

You should also factor in the pricing of dishes and beverages when you set up the restaurant. Some diners may come from well-off backgrounds which means they prioritize quality over pricing. However, focusing on the middle class will help you keep your restaurant financially stable all the time. After all, the upper-class diners might not visit that often. The middle-class and lower market diners might be more dependable as patrons too. If you keep pricing affordable for most diners, your restaurant has a fighting chance in Malaysia where almost everyone seems to love food.

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