Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Importance of Having A Good Alkaline Water Purifier At Home

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Even currently, we still get wind every now and then of some families who still choose to boil their water for their daily consumption. As our society becomes more and more health conscious, we start to pay greater attention to our daily habits and practices – examining everything from our sleep schedule to our diet for ways to improve our health.

In addition, major water crises such as the Flint water issue in Michigan, USA has raised awareness of the importance of clean water. How applicable is this to Singapore, and is our water safe?

Lucky for us, Singapore’s water sources are mostly safe for tap consumption (as any army boy will tell you). However, boiling our water no longer guarantees it being completely clean. Tap water contains traces of metals, minerals and chemicals introduced when water is transported into our homes. This is something unavoidable, since boiling water only kills the microbes and bacteria in it.

In fact, with Singapore becoming more health conscious in recent years, these types of alkaline water purifiers have risen in popularity over the past few years. This article will dive a little deeper into the workings of the filters and its benefits.

What Exactly Does A Good Water Filtration System do?

A good alkaline water filtration system should remove any harmful chemicals and impurities. The filtration system should also introduce antioxidants and alkalizes the water for added health benefits.

Amongst water purification machines, Coral Pure’s selling point is that they also remove any fluoride in the water – which is rare even amongst its competitors. The 8-layer filtration system contains 4 for cleaning the water via Reverse Osmosis (RO), and the other 4 for iodizing, oxygenating and alkalizing the water. You can find out more about our alkaline water filtration systems at

Big words, we know. But take it from us: these words are thrown around a bunch, but alkaline water does have tangible benefits! It helps combat the onset of cancer, stroke, heart disease, hypertension and so on – which makes it naturally a good fit for families with old folk or people at risk.

Health Benefits of Drinking Natural Alkaline Water

You may be thinking to yourself “I am not at risk and I am rather healthy. Why would I need alkaline water in my diet?” Alkaline water not only keeps us healthy, it also helps prevent heartburn and gastric issues by neutralizing the acidic nature of our blood, which is great for people who eat acidic food regularly, such as heavily seasoned or sour foods.

It also helps with symptoms of ageing, not to mention its benefits for skin and hair quality as well. Buying one for your household would yield benefits for everyone in your family.

Alkaline Water Is The Future

Boiling water currently is still a viable option of cleaning your water, as the older generation might remark. However, if the process of getting your water can be made as convenient as the push of the button with all the added health benefits, then save yourself the trouble of filling up the kettle and waiting for it to boil!

Drinking boiled water also yields a familiar, metallic tasting product that is uninspiring at best. Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water on the other hand does taste better, due to the minerals it reintroduces during the filtration process such as Calcium and Magnesium. You can have it all with Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water dispenser, so do check out our website today for more information and deals!


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