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Keto Bars and Everything Nice: Eating Keto the Right Way

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Keto or Ketogenic diet is starting to become one of the most talked-about diet plans in the market today. But when there are a lot of people enthusiastically endorse its advantages and benefits – and an equal number of people criticizing and shaking their heads in disapproval – separating what facts from fiction is can be a little overwhelming. In order to get a better understanding of the basics on the low-carb diet, first things first, “What is Keto Diet?”

The Ketogenic Diet is all about decreasing or minimizing carbohydrate intake and increasing fats. The goal here is to get our body to metabolize fat instead of sugar. While people’s needs and body are slightly different from each other, it translates to – 60% to 75% of calories from fat, 15% to 30% of calories from protein, and 5% to 10% of calories from carbohydrates. A lot of these Ketogenic-friendly foods include vegetables with low carbohydrates (cauliflower, bell pepper, zucchini, and spinach), cheese, eggs, grass-fed, and unprocessed meat, as well as seafood. To find out the regular calorie intake to lose weight, check out for more information.

Why should people try this plan?

This food plan was introduced in the early 20s as a way to treat people who have epilepsy. But the benefits of this food plan go beyond treating people suffering from seizures. It also promotes weight loss, helps with depression and anxiety, as well as improving heart or cardiovascular health. But the most significant benefit of this diet is its metabolic flexibility.

When you are able to pull energy from Ketones and glucose that our body produces, you’re metabolically flexible. It will have benefits that will extend all over the body. Think soul, body, and mind. Not only that, when we eliminate high-carbohydrate foods and sugar from our daily intake, our body can heal itself and detoxify from all the accumulated inflammation that it is fighting regularly. It means improved cognitive function and brain health, as well as less brain fog.

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Consequently, the improvement in mental health status and clarity makes it a lot easier for people to make intelligent food options. Moreover, following the diet also minimizes inflammation. Reduced inflammation can have benefits, from improving the health of the skin to healing the intestines and treating most, if not all, symptoms of ailments like ARD or Acid Reflux Disease.

But people need to lay the groundwork before they jump on this Ketogenic bandwagon. It means lowering the carbohydrate by under 20 grams for two to six weeks to become Keto diet-adapted. Once you’ve finished that, you can go in and out of Ketosis and acquire all the benefits of not being dependent on glucose

Transitioning from a regular to keto – the right way

Reprogramming the body from being burning sugar to burning fat can take more or less two to six weeks, depending on the current metabolic state of the person, their sugar tolerance, and their mindset towards it. That is why, unless the person is already consuming healthy food or Paleo, it can be very hard for them to jump all in this new food diet or keto breakfast alternatives.

It is all about the individual’s journey towards achieving optimal health, and they need to start with this today. Experts suggest that it is best to start with first changing the person’s mindset and leading around three essential facts: it is not just another trendy diet, people do not have to live with this diet forever, and people will not be depriving themselves.

Having said that, if they are used to eating refined carbohydrates and highly processed food with high sugar, they need to avoid or at least ease into it. The first thing to do is to eliminate carbohydrates, artificial or processed foods, and sugar. It does not mean that people doing this diet can never have their favorite food ever again.

Once they get past the adaptation phase, and they have tested that they are in Ketosis, they can start experimenting with their own Keto versions of their favorite foods. Another very important thing people need to consider when they are starting with this type of program is to test their blood Ketones and monitor their carbohydrate intake. Without it, they will never know if they have reached the Keto adaptation.


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