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Lebanese Menu Served in Authentic Lebanese Restaurants

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Once you set foot in any authentic restaurant in Australia, you will definitely fall in love with white garlic sauce that complement well chicken kebabs and shawarma or roasted beef kebabs. The famous Lebanese charcoal chicken also tastes great with this garlic sauce. Here are some of the Lebanese dishes that are offered in authentic Lebanese restaurant in Australia that make dining superb and one of a lifetime experience.

Lebanese shawarma

Lebanese beef shawarma is one of the most recognizable Middle East ethnic foods. Australians have fallen in love with this beef dish. The recipe calls for deeply marinated layers of beef, lamb or chicken stacked on a vertical spit and roasted to perfection. Street shawarma also graces the many food streets in Australia and it is a kind of fast food that anyone can grab to enjoy a meal. Authentic Lebanese restaurants offer this ethnic Lebanese cuisine as a healthy meal for everyone as vegetable salads are served along with cuts of lamb or beef shawarma. Different from street shawarma, restaurant’s shawarma has the meat cut into tiny strips and then marinated using Lebanese herbs and spices. The shawarma meal is served with vegetables salad and flat bread. Street shawarma, the meat cuts are tucked into pita bread with onions, tomatoes, parleys and pickled vegetables. Both dishes is drizzled with tahini sauce or paste.

Chicken kebabs 

Chicken kebabs are a tangy chicken dish on which chicken is marinated in blend of Greek yogurt, lemon, garlic and spices and then grilled in skewers. The golden brown grilled chicken is bedded with green salads and drizzle with almond oils and sauce. Many Lebanese restaurants that serve chicken kebabs also serve charcoal chicken on plates which is also marinated chicken grilled in spit using charcoal. 

Lebanese restaurants offer side dishes like Falafel and chicken and chips and Hummus. Side dishes are served with pita bread or flat bread. Chicken and chips are popular side dishes and diners enjoy sumptuous servings and this best chicken and chips are a regular in many authentic Lebanese restaurants. Hummus has different variations but the most popular made with tahini, olive oils, garlic and lemon juice. 

Lebanese food is considered healthy because it uses herbs and spices. Most of the dishes are of low fat and the method of cooking is roasting or grilling. Authentic Lebanese restaurants are committed to using only fresh ingredients for their regular menu like charcoal chicken and usually sourced ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. A healthy food plus an n authentic Middle East atmosphere make the dining experience in authentic Lebanese restaurant really amazing and exciting. 

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