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McDonalds and Complaints

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If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends or relatives or want to get a good meal, there is no other place than a restaurant. Amongst other renowned eateries, McDonald’s always has a separate niche. Be it their customary cuisine or the well-decorated interiors, McDonald’s can beat the rest in business by a few leagues. 

Now the last night was meant to be a joyful one but actually turned out to be a disturbing event due to the misbehavior of the staff or due to the unexpected quality of the food. You might have been in a false position before your colleagues or friends. The worst-case might be you being in some serious health condition due to the food that was served to you. These are reasons for McDonalds complaint.

Why Complaint?

It is always better to sleep on the night that you had the worst experience. When you wake up the next morning, and you still have the same feeling, you can go for the complaint. Of late, one major issue with McDonald’s is late delivery. You might have paid for your order, and the stipulated time of delivery has elapsed. You are made to wait for an extended period. Imagine your state if you had friends waiting for a treat or relatives waiting to have dinner. 

Technical glitches are common nowadays, but when the staff at the counter makes you pay twice on the pretext of glitches is not tolerable. The first transaction might fail, but the amount may be deducted from your wallet. On this pretext, you might be made to pay again the only to find that you had paid twice for the same order. 

Now humans are not robots and can make mistakes. A global survey has revealed that the professionalism of the staff at McDonald’s is deteriorating gradually. Apart from rude behavior, some staffs also indulge in adulteration of the foods too. You might not get the same taste of Big Mac as the bun might be replaced with some local made that would not be of the same texture of flavor.

The worst-case might be you being in some serious health issue after dining at McDonald’s. Food poisoning of an upset stomach is common. 

Where to Complain?

When your patience and endurance have crossed all barriers, it is time to complain. Now you can lodge your complaint through different modes. The primary complaint can be registered instantly with the store manager if you are upset with the food quality or staff behavior.  

You can also choose the “File McDonalds complaint” button available on the official Mcdonald’s website. Even dialing a tollfree number would let you register a complaint against specific issues you face in McDonald’s.  At the same time, you can file McDonalds complaint at https://complain.biz/mcdonalds/ .

The issue should be elaborated along with the exact name and location of the store. You can also include copies of the bill for ready reference. You should be specific to relate the issue, and the good thing is that McDonald’s is open to your suggestions. You can also post suggestive ways to tackle such misdoings. 

The Final Task

Once you complain, your task does not end. Keeping track of the issue is customary. Although the complaints are set right within a few days, their resolution should be befitting to you. 


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