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Most Common Types Of Whisky

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Whisky is a dark distilled spirit made from a variety of grains. These different kinds of grains are sometimes malted. These include barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whisky is usually aged in a Scotch whisky distillery. Wooden casks made of charred white oak are often used. There are several types of whiskeys.

Malt whisky

This ranks among the best. This type of whisky can only be made from malted barley and has to be distilled in pot stills. The process of malting is very elaborate. It used to consume too much time. It also demands great physical effort without the help of modern technology. The process today is easier. The whisky is usually distilled twice, or thrice on rare occasions, on pot stills. The whisky is then matured in oak casks for about three years. Single Malt Whiskeys are then released without an age statement due to high demand. A regular customer is not aware and does not care if the whisky has matured only for the least amount of time or longer. But an experienced connoisseur demands a much longer maturation. 

Grain whisky

This whisky is not made from malted barley. It contains any type of grain and also a mixture. Grain whiskeys usually contain wheat. It offers a higher utilization level than corn. Grain whisky contains less flavors than malt whiskey. But it can be often distilled higher in column stills. It is usually produced for the blended whisky industry. It is almost always distilled in the cheaper column stills. It is also only matured for a short period of time.

Bourbon and Tennessee whisky

Any distillery in the United States can produce bourbon. But Kentucky usually produces the most bourbons. One exception is the state of Tennessee that established the category Tennessee Whisky. Bourbon must contain at least 51% corn. The rest is a mixture of some barley for the fermentation process and rye or wheat. Many bourbons today use the sour mash process in production. American whisky is usually distilled in column stills. A no-age-statement bourbon must be at least aged for four years in fresh, toasted casks. These are usually made from American white oak. A finish or extra maturation like that to Scotch whisky is not allowed. Straight bourbon is an unblended whisky. There is a main difference between the Tennessee Whisky and the Bourbon. The Tennesee Whisky is charcoal-filtered before it gets filled into casks.


Rye whisky

The United States, together with Canada, used to be the main producer of this type of whisky. Canada remained until now as the main producer. Rye whisky contains at least 51% rye. It must have at least two years of maturation in oak casks. There are only a few rye whiskeys in the United States today. This is because the very spicy taste is not so popular anymore. Canadian rye whisky is a very important ingredient of the Canadian blended whiskeys.

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