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Perfect choice of the Best Japanese Knife for You

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Among the national knives of different countries of the world, the Japanese knives stand out most clearly, they are special and unique in nature, because too high demands are placed on them. This is partly surprising, why does a country where only rice, fish and vegetables are chosen for good nutrition, with the most minimal heat treatment, so much attention should be paid to a knife?

The question is interesting, but the answer is simple. The Japanese are aesthetes in nutrition, all of their dishes must maintain their original taste, they eat with chopsticks and products for these purposes should be very thin, finely and necessarily beautifully sliced. All this can be achieved only using a suitable, specially designed Kamikoto knife.

How old is a Japanese kitchen knife?

Japanese knives have been known for several centuries. Their first appearance in history has not been established for certain, but fame is counted from the XIV century and is associated with samurai swords that surprised the world with their sharpness, which were issued by masters in the city of Sakai. Two centuries later, it was in this city that the masters of knife art made the first kitchen knife , capable of perfectly cutting tobacco brought from Portugal. Just this steel has become famous all over the world, remaining to this day very popular and in demand. A special sharpening technique provides sharpness to the knives like the samurai swords, while the carbon steel blades are durable.

Varieties of Japanese knives

It is too difficult to recount, and say, how many total varieties of knives exist in Japan today, and even less so, to describe them. But there are types of Japanese knives that are considered the most popular and in demand, here’s a “digression” on them – you can do it.

The knives are united by the name of their common ending – they are all “boto”. For example, a kitchen grunt for slicing vegetables is called “nakiribotyo”, and a grunt intended for fish is called “debabotyo”.


This is a very sharp knife, powerful, which is intended, based on the translation of its name, for cutting meat, but in the Land of the Rising Sun it is used for fish (although it can also cope with chicken without problems). He can cut small bones, but too large – this knife does not break. In size, this kitchen tool can reach a length of up to 300 mm, and in blade thickness – up to 12 mm. Sharpening at the tip of the blade is sharper than at the heel. Using this knife, they work with both the blade and the butt.

“Debabotyo” refers to the old types of knives and dates back to the Edo era (from the XVI-XVII centuries).

Nakiribotyo and Usubabotyo

These are knives that are intended solely for cutting vegetables, and “wotabotabotoe” translates as “very thin”. Both of these knives are distinguished by a straight and very thin cutting edge, which makes it possible to cut products simply by lowering the knife and not pushing or pulling it.

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