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Pizza Around Me Oh, Hail Pizza!

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Everyone loves pizza, and if I could have it my way, there would be pizza all around me all the time. 

From the soft and fluffy deep dish crusts to the 

  • Cheesy stuffed crusts, 
  • Thin and crispy, 
  • Traditional hand-tossed. 

Then it gets topped with that herbal aromatic pizza sauce or cheesy parmesan and the flavorful bbq sauce. Loaded on top of the sauce is gooey mozzarella cheese and flavorful feta. Oh, I’m absolutely ready to have pizza all around me, especially with all of these delicious toppings to choose from; 

  • Ham, 
  • Bacon, 
  • Pepperoni, 
  • Italian sausage, 
  • Ground beef, 
  • Chicken, and anchovies with the veggies, 
  • Bell peppers, 
  • Jalapenos, 
  • Mushrooms, 
  • Olives, 
  • Onion, 
  • Red onion, 
  • Tomatoes, and sweet pineapple, 

All those wonderful smells linger and mix together as your pizza creation – maybe a delicious pizza with quail eggs and mozarella – cooks to pure perfection tingling the nose, anticipation watering your mouth and makes your stomach growl like a hungry beast. Oh, hail the pizza gods! May they rain down pizza all around me or all around you. 

With multiple pizza sizes to select from, there’s a pizza for everyone;

  • Ten-inch diameter pizzas are a four-slice personal-sized pizza priced at eight dollars and forty-nine cents, 
  • A twelve-inch pizza has six slices of perfection priced at ten dollars and forty-nine cents, 
  • A fourteen-inch pizza has eight slices and is priced at twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents, now for the big boy, 
  • The sixteen-inch pizza has ten slices of deliciousness, all priced at fifteen dollars and forty-nine cents. 

Can you imagine how much pizza you can buy with those rockin’ prices?


Breadsticks are everywhere, but for cheese lovers and pizza consumers alike, cheesy breadsticks are a wonderful side — the soft fluffy bread topped with melted stringy cheese and the robust flavours of the pizza sauce. Then there are cinnamon sticks soft fluffy bread smothered in butter sprinkled with cinnamon and a side of icing. What a delicious and creative remake on cinnamon rolls.


What pairs well with pizza? Wings! From the wings to the legs bone in is an all-time favourite, but if you don’t like experiencing the natural animalistic ways of picking the chicken from the bone, there are boneless chicken wings too, great for kids. 

Wings are always a perfect and flavorful selection with such a large variety of flavours too! There’s plain, 

  • General Tso’s 
  • Mild, 
  • Spicy garlic parmesan, 
  • Blazing hot, 
  • Sweet honey bbq, and 
  • Bbq. 

These flavours will show the love that it takes to create such perfection — not feeling the wings? There are chicken tenders too, these juicy golden-brown strips of pure goodness will please even the pickiest of eaters.


Don’t want to get too full before the main course? Perfectly understandable. Salads are a great way to get in those days needed veggies before indulging in the delicious wonders pizza holds. With garden blended romaine lettuce as the base, topped with your choice of veggie variety such as 

  • Tomatoes, 
  • Pepperoncini, 
  • Onion, 
  • Red onion, 
  • Beets, 
  • Black olives or cucumber. 

Now for the meat, you can choose from salami, ham, or egg. It is topped with mozzarella or feta cheese.


Not feeling the pizza today? That’s okay, how about a nice thick, flavorful sandwich? How does a Stacked Ham and Cheese sandwich sounds? This sandwich is served on your choice on 

  • Onion, 
  • Kaiser or marbled rye bread with ham, 
  • Lettuce, 
  • Tomato, 
  • American cheese and mayonnaise with chips and a pickle spear or 
  • Stacked turkey sandwich with turkey, 
  • Lettuce, 
  • Tomato, 
  • Swiss cheese, and mayonnaise, 
  • Your choice of bread, 
  • Chips and a pickle spear. 

Still not feeling it? A corned beef sandwich is sure to appease the hunger gods that dwell within our stomachs. 

  • The corned beef sandwich has corned beef, 
  • Lettuce, 
  • Tomato, 
  • Swiss cheese with thousand island dressing. 

Now for a twist on the traditional style Rueben sandwich. With a choice between corned beef or turkey topped with swiss cheese, thousand islands, and slaw.


No this is not the submarines that lurk in the ocean, but these submarines will lurk in your stomach and leave you full and happy and ready for the rest of your day. The Italian sub has freshly sliced ham, and salami topped with provolone cheese and slaw. Is it not appeasing enough? How about the double meat and cheese? It has all of your favourites on the Italian sub but with twice the meat, and twice the cheese. Now that’s a sub.

Where to find

By now you are probably ready to scour the internet to find these wonderful creations. Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, the Green Lantern Pizza is where you’ll find this wide selection of delicious food. Visit Green Lantern Pizza either online or in the store today, your taste buds, stomach and wallet will thank you for it later.

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