South African delicacy that Australians love

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Koeksisters may sound like a strange word to many but if you have a sweet tooth like me, then you are more than familiar with the term. A koeksister is basically a confectionery made of fried dough infused in syrup or honey. It is also known as a koesister and has its origin in South Africa. However, this delicious pastry has won the hearts of many people from all over the world especially Aussies and due to this, traditional South African koeksisters are catching on. The ingredients used to make it comprise of dough, sugar syrup, aniseed, cinnamon and mixed spices.

Koeksister preparation

The preparation of this pastry is quite simple and easy. This is done by frying plaited dough strips in oil and then submerging the hot fried dough into cold sugar syrup. They are normally crunchy, have a syrup-filled center and are very sweet.

Origin of koeksister 

Thanks to modern technology and a lot of travelling and immigration, the recipe on how to prepare this delicious confectionary has reached many pastry chefs all over the world. Although originally from South Africa, people from around the globe are now able to sample its delight. Most people wonder how and why a pastry would have a strange name. It derives its name from the Dutch word “koekje” which means cookie.

Why Aussies like koeksister

The pastry has become very popular in major cities in Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne not only because of its sweetness, but also because it’s a great accompaniment. As it is well known, Aussies are very passionate about their coffee. This is evident from the numerous coffee shops that are located in every street of the major cities. For breakfast, people there prefer having their morning coffee with pastry such as koeksister, hence making it a common snack.

Types of koeksister pastry

A fact that most people don’t know about this pastry is that there are actually two types of koeksister, the Afrikaner version and the Cape Malay version. The two recipes were actually brought to South Africa by Dutch Settlers in the year 1652. The former was a deep fried treat quite similar to a doughnut while the latter was a thin, sweet bowtie-like invention made out of pasta dough. The two recipes were later combined and instead of being made into little balls, the dough was braided. In the 18th century, this tasty treat was known as koeksusters but the name was later changed to koeksisters in the 20th century.

Popular cuisine

 It is quite an amazing thing that recipes and cuisines from other countries can be enjoyed all over the world. Travelling either for leisure, business, and education or even for the purpose of immigration is a very common thing nowadays. Imagine arriving in a country and having no idea what to eat because all the food is new and strange to you? That is not a very warm welcome, now is it? Thanks to different cultures accepting food from other parts of the world, it is now a guarantee that you will find your local food in most parts of the world.

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