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Sydney Tea’s Peppermint: Brisk and Refreshing

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Organic Peppermint Tea by Sydney Tea

Cool as ice

It can be said, with much certainty, that peppermint is a bit of a super herb. And Sydney Tea’s excellent and certified organic peppermint tea selections are testaments to how super peppermint truly is! Exploring the background of this amazing herb in a bit more detail will make you want to give our two amazing peppermint tea blends a try lickety-split! Peppermint has been used for centuries as a health enhancing herb, and for some very good reasons.

The origins

Peppermint’s use as a medicinal ingredient goes back to ancient Egypt. That’s right! some “mummified” (they were just dried) peppermint leaves have been found in Egyptian pyramids that go back to around 1000 BCE. In the time of the pharaohs, peppermint was utilised as an aid to indigestion. This knowledge then passed to the classical civilisations of the Mediterranean where the Greeks and Romans both used peppermint to ease stomach pain. Eventually, peppermint as a remedy became more widespread in other parts of Europe where it was called upon to treat all manner of stomach and digestion problems including nausea, vomiting, morning sickness and even respiratory infections. Today, peppermint is even listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia where it is said to help soothe intestinal problems, gas, morning sickness, menstrual cramps and even colds.

The science

Buthow much does modern research verify some of these antiquated claims of peppermint’s role as a health remedy? Well, for starters, some studies have backed up peppermint when it comes to its use as a digestive aid and treatment for digestive problems. Gas, bloating and indigestion can be alleviated by peppermint. Peppermint oil can help to relax muscles in our digestive systems and help our bodies digest more efficiently. Now as for that cool, refreshing, brisk feeling from enjoying peppermint’s sharp taste and scent? That has been tied to possibly helping to relieve both headaches and migraines. Have you ever wondered why so much toothpaste has that wintry peppermint flavor? Well it appears that the oils in peppermint help to kill bacteria in our mouths that can result in dragon breath. So, while a nice cup of coffee can result in some less than nice breathafterwards, when you finish a cup of peppermint tea on the other hand, your breath will be as fresh as the alpine air! And speaking of breathing fresh and deep, peppermint can also potentially help unstuff that stuffy nose.So when you enjoy your peppermint tea, make sure to inhale that herbal vapor and steam that rises from your cup, too. Menstrual cramps may be soothed by peppermint which can aid in weakening the strength of cramps. Peppermint tea has beneficial properties when it comes other types of muscle cramps, too. And while peppermint may improve our energy levels and concentration, it can also help to assist us in getting some sleep. This makes peppermint tea a safe and wise choice for a before bed or after dinner beverage to enjoy. So during dessert, maybe opt out of coffee or green tea, or even alcohol and choose peppermint tea instead. But what’s one more great reason to brew up a mug or whole pot of peppermint tea? Peppermint may assist in weight loss! This one goes hand-in-hand with peppermint as a great dessert tea, because peppermint may help to satiate a sweet tooth and keep us from indulging in too much cake or sweets before bed.

Organic Peppermint

True to form, Sydney Tea’s Organic Peppermint, or, as its also known, menthapiperita, is a stunning and innervating tea. Made from certified organic peppermint leaves from Egypt, this selection carries on a proud and ancient tradition. In addition to using peppermint as a medicinal herb to ease stomach problems, the ancient Egyptians also used it to flavour food and wine. So not only can Sydney Tea’s certified Organic Peppermint tea ease your ailments and help to enhance your health, but it is also incredibly tasty. The brisk, but not harsh flavor can rejuvenate you with its cool aroma and wintry taste. Feel yourself wake up and your body and soul feel truly alive again when you enjoy a cup or two of this fantastic peppermint tea. Our peppermint tea is 100% natural and lacks all artificial colors, flavors and additives. Basically, if the ancient Egyptians didn’t put it in their tea, neither do we. And for those planning on sweetening up their mint tea, try adding in some honey! The blending of honey, hot water and mint will do wonders for your throat and soothe and oncoming or current cold symptoms you may be suffering from. So, from lifted energy levels to freeing up your sinuses, our Organic Peppermint tea has got you covered! To purchase, click here.

Organic Peppermint – Sydney Tea

Organic Sleep Easy

Here, Sydney Tea expertly blends two incredible and ancient ingredients into a healing tea that will give you better sleep and a renewed awakening the next morning. Just like its peppermint counterpart, chamomile was also used as a medicinal herb in ancient Egypt. From being used to treat sleep problems, to being used in embalming ceremonies or offerings to the gods, chamomile is our next ingredient of choice for preparing great tea. The cooling peppermint will lift you, your spirits and your energy and also enhance your health with its chilling taste. Complementing our peppermint is chamomile – sweet, smooth and mellow, and very fruity, floral and aromatic. These two will be certain to give you deep and healing sleep while also being delicious together. Both our chamomile and peppermint are premium grade and certified organic, too! To purchase, click here.

Organic Sleep Easy – Sydney Tea

Cool as ice

Peppermint has got a few more tricks up its sleeve than just making your breath smell extra fresh. It can also keep bacteria out of your mouth, aide in reducing cramps, indigestion, gas, bloating, intestinal and stomach problems, increase alertness and even can help you get some much-deserved rest at the end of a long and productive day! With Sydney Tea, you only get the premium, the organic, the best. So, peruse our tea catalogue, and order yourself up some great peppermint tea as soon as you can!

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