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The Difference Between Montreal Smoked Meat and New York Pastrami

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Both the Montreal smoked meat as well as New York pastrami come from brisket. The brisket is a long cut of muscle and fat stretching from foreleg to underbelly of a cow. The meat is a bit tougher towards closer of the leg but the navel at the other end is juicier and fattier. The traditional New York pastrami normally prefers the naval portion. On the other hand, Montreal smoked meat usually prefers the middle portion between the extremes of muscle and the fat. The Montreal smoked meat is dry-cured and then soaked exactly like corned beef in order to desalinate the Montreal smoked meat before smoking and seasoning. The Montreal smoked meat is smoked little longer than the New York pastrami for capturing more flavouring. Experience the delicious taste of Montreal smoked meat from Jarry Smoked Meat deli.

The New York pastrami is usually dry-cured, or the meat gets lathered with salt and sugar until it gets fully absorbed and then it goes through a process of seasoning with spices and smoked. However, the professional meat dealers of New York pastrami or Montreal smoked meat would never reveal the recipes of these items, but it is pretty sure that the added flavour originates from the burnt sugar and black pepper.

The slicing and serving of both New York pastrami and the Montreal smoked meat is important. The purists of both New York pastrami and the Montreal smoked meat schools say that the meat has to be steamed well before slicing them. Further, the slicing has to be done not by a machine but by hand. Finally, both the New York pastrami and the Montreal smoked meat should be served soft and warm. Normally, the smoked meat comes with fries and pickle and can be stored days without refrigeration. On the other hand, the pastrami is not actually a meat dish, rather it is a process that preserves the meat through curing and smoking. You can preserve the pork pastrami or turkey pastrami the same way as New York pastrami.

The Montreal-style smoked meat also popularly called simply smoked meat is a type of kosher-style deli product of meat where the basic meat brisker is kept over a week to absorb the flavour and then hot-smoked and steamed. The Montreal smoked meat is believed to be originated in Quebec and the original ingredients used in Montreal smoked meat are smoked meat, mustard and rye bread.

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