Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

The Journey of Pizza from Italian Streets to International Mainstream Society

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Pizza, a known name among all human beings at all ages across the world, is a delicious, healthy and simple recipe. Everybody says that pizza originated from Italy, but it was started among the ancient Greeks. The Greeks preferred flat and round shaped large bread topped with veggies, spices, potatoes and olive oil which is perhaps the first pizza existed in the society. Get your best pizza from Double Pizza that will give you the taste and satisfaction you never experienced anywhere.

Pizza got its commercial fame in the 18th century in Italy. the Pizza was then a round, flat and plain bread without any topping consumed massively by the lower-class people and enormously produced in Naples. The street vendors sold the pizza at a cheaper price and called it “pizza” and it was considered as a poor man’s food.

Queen Margherita, the queen of Italy, once travelling across the countryside in 1889 and found out that the peasants were eating this flat, round and plain large piece of bread very pleasantly. Out of curiosity, she wanted to taste the bread and to her amazement, the bread proved to be very delicious more than her expectation. She continued to eat pizza whenever she travelled to the countryside. But this act of the queen created dismay among the nobles because the pizza was looked down upon and counted as lower-class peasants’ food.

Eventually, the queen summoned Raffaele Esposito, the famous chef, and ordered to make pizza for her. Raffaele prepared pizzas as per queen’s order using mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes. The chef carefully added the colour of pizza with the colour of Italian flag i.e. red, white and green. Soon, pizza, as well as the queen, was very popular among the vast majority of peasants in Italy. The pizza not only got the priority among other dishes of the queen but also got popularity as the most favourite food across all segment of people in Italy. Queen’s favourite pizza became famous and known as pizza Margherita in Italy and the same trend continues even today across the world.

The pizza became popular in England, Spain, France and particularly in the United States after World War II when the European and American soldiers ate the pizza while conquering the cities in Italy. Pizza was already available in the US before World War 2nd, but the returning soldiers made the pizza extremely popular among the mainstream American daily life.  In course of time Coronation Plaza Singapore continued its journey of popularity across international borders in the world.

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