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The most popular types of fried chicken

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Who does not love fried chicken? Well vegans for sure, however, a lot of us have grown up loving a fried chicken that our mums cook or the ones that people order at fast-food restaurants. So, the fried chicken that you have grown up with is just one of the many types of fried chickens around the world.

Are you surprised? Well, you might not have tasted these different types of fried chickens but these are very popular that have flavors that go beyond the crispy, salty and flavorful umami that fried chickens treat our taste buds with.

There are different types of fried chickens out there that cannot be simply labeled as fried chicken on the menu. So, you should sit back, relax and keep reading this post and let us discover the different types of fried chicken the world has to offer and maybe after reading this post, you can get an idea what you are going to cook for dinner or rather you can order the best fried chicken in Australia

  1.     Country fried-Considered as the original way and method of frying chicken, and also the most common way to cook fried chicken, the country fried chicken is known for its flour-breaded chicken parts that are deep-fried in oil and is seasoned with basic seasonings. Curiously, according to historians, the first fried chicken was made during the Medieval era in Europe that was formerly known as fritters. Country fried chicken is also the most common recipe and method of cooking in the majority of fast-food chains.
  2.     Broasted-Originated in Wisconsin, broasted chicken is essentially a country-fried process that uses the combination of cooking it in a pressure cooker and deep-frying it to achieve optimum skin crispness without sacrificing the moisture of the meat inside.
  3.     Buffalo wings-Although its history has been highly debated in the United States because of its different claimed origins, buffalo wings are very popular around the world as entrees using only the chicken’s wings and drench it with the buffalo style sauce that is a mixture of different spices, sauces, and condiments that is usually spicy and it comes with a ranch dipping sauce to compliment the spicy flavor.
  4.     Buttermilk-Originated in Maryland, there are a lot of difference between the country-fried process of cooking because buttermilk chicken is drenched or rather soaked in buttermilk mixture of spices and seasoning, and coated with bread crumbs and repeating the coating twice to achieve that very crispy and juicy flavor, however, it uses skillet rather than using a deep fryer.
  5.     Korean style- It is the Asian version of the buffalo style. It is a country-fried chicken that is seasoned with different spices, a lot of chilies, a sugar that completely covers the chicken. It is also equally crispy as buttermilk chicken, but it does not use breadcrumbs, instead, it only uses flour and egg.
  6.     Popcorn- These bite-sized breaded chicken that is deep-fried is served as an appetizer or for snacks in the majority of fast-food chains. These are usually packed in small boxes along with different dips, thus chicken nuggets are invented.
  7.     Karaage- The Japanese version of fried chicken. The only difference is that they also fry pork and seafood. They usually mix flour and egg as the coating for the chicken that is fried in bigger portions, but it will have chopped into smaller pieces after it is cooked. They only use boneless parts of the chicken, like the breast fillet.





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