The Perfect Mixing of Mushrooms and Chocolates

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Magic mushrooms and chocolate have made several generations dream. Here are some recipes to carry on this psychedelic tradition.

The magic mushrooms are normally ingested alone, however they can also be used to enrich the most delicious dishes (especially when it comes to sweet foods). Mixing magic mushrooms with chocolate is an easy way to create new dishes with a sweet taste and hallucinogenic effects. Here are some simple recipes for making chocolate with magic mushrooms. You will be able to make your experience with psilocybin much more palatable. This is the making of the mushroom chocolate

Some Short Recommendations On The Dosage

In these recipes a standard dosage is required. That is, the dose of magic mushrooms is calculated on each portion intended for consumption by the individual.

Example: If you are going to make a chocolate bar to share in two, you need to add two doses of magic mushrooms and mix them well with the chocolate, so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed inside the bar. In this case, half a bar of chocolate corresponds to a dose of magic mushrooms.


Psilocybin contained in magic mushrooms (their main active ingredient) tends to degrade rapidly when exposed to high temperatures. Make sure, therefore, not to put dishes containing magic mushrooms at too high temperatures.

Chocolate With Magic Mushrooms: Easy And Fast

The easiest and fastest way to produce chocolate with magic mushrooms is as follows.

You will need:

Carefully dried magic mushrooms
Chocolate bars (the choice of quality is yours)
A large pot
A glass bowl
A sharp knife
Some chocolate molds (if you don’t have molds you can use a non-stick pan)


The first thing to do is to make sure that the magic mushrooms are completely dry .
Using the sharp knife, chop the magic mushrooms as much as possible.
Chop the chocolate and place it in the glass bowl.
Add a little water to the pot and place the glass bowl inside, so as to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.
Place the pot on a heat source and bring to a boil. As the water warms up, the chocolate above will slowly tend to melt.
Alternative: If you can’t heat it on a stove, you can use a microwave, placing the bowl with the chocolate in it and heating it to minimum power. If you prefer to use the latter technique, keep the chocolate melt under control, as it could easily burn in the microwave.
Now that you have melted your chocolate, let it cool for a few seconds.
Once the chocolate has cooled slightly, but still maintains a liquid consistency, add finely chopped magic mushrooms.
Mix the chocolate vigorously with the mushrooms until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.
Pour the mixture into the molds carefully and place them in the refrigerator to cool.

Once they are hard you can taste them. Have fun!

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