Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

The Tea and Way You Can Drink the Best

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Tea is a hot drink made from water and tea leaves and buds. And no, though, it’s not “just hot water with plants in it!” It is also the second most consumed drink in the world, in front of coffee (in number one: water, of course). With the Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka you can now expect the best options.

What is tea?

You who think that tea is just colored water, or you who are addicted to your Lipton sachets and even you who are happy to order once from time to time in the cafes, carefully follow these tips : new perspectives in the delicate art of tea open up to you!

  • In principle, in your tea bag are tea leaves. You consume tea to cool off, like mint tea served very hot, but not hot, which increases sweat (sweat what).
  • It is also consumed during ritual ceremonies as in Japan. Or just under the duvet, a rainy day, with a novel, when life needs a little nudges side sweetness.
  • In supermarket teas, it is not uncommon that we can also find small branches of tea tree.
  • Conversely, in extremely luxurious tea houses, you can find so-called “imperial picking” teas (they were formerly reserved for emperors): are used to make these exceptional blends only the first leaf and the first bud tea tree.

Greens, blacks, blues, what are the differences between the types of teas?

Tea leaves are harvested most often by hand, except for Japanese and Georgian teas. They will then be prepared according to very specific principles, depending on the type of drink that is desired and more precisely depending on the type of oxidation that is desired. From the Ceylon tea company you can get the best quality for all.

  • In the case of green or yellow teas for example, the leaves are simply heated. Then, the green teas are rolled, while the yellow tea leaves (even white) are left intact, whole. The leaves are not oxidized.
  • In the case of black teas, the leaves are dried, fermented and torn. These leaves are perfectly oxidized.
  • Blue teas, also known as oolongs, are a highly sought-after intermediate between green teas and black teas, with incomplete oxidation.
  • Fermented teas purer are luxurious black teas that ferment much longer, usually in jars, and remove a particularly earthy and moist taste.

It is therefore the rate of oxidation, ranging from 0% for green teas to 100% for purer, which will determine the type of tea that you want to taste. But all the teas come from the plant Camellia silences: the tea tree. Depending on the Ceylon tea suppliers happens to be a very important matter here.

Tea and caffeine

Each “color” has its characteristics, its traditions, its history, its mode of preparation. The leaves can be crushed, spirally rolled, powdered as in the case of match tea or rolled on themselves to form small balls.

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