Three Helpful Tips when Choosing an Office Coffee Service Provider

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Although employees differ in terms of how they feel about going to work, they all deserve to be given the privilege of having access to fresh, delicious office coffee. This will show them that you don’t take their hard work for granted. But, it’s important to choose a good office coffee service provider like Canvend to make sure your people will be served with the tastiest hot drinks they deserve. Below are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Prioritise Service Quality Over Cost

Different coffee providers provide various products form fresh locally roasted to independent brands and national brands. Usually, local coffee roasters offer a better coffee to consumers at just a little extra in price. It’s important to pick a coffee blend. Determine whether your most of your employees drink a latte, espresso, flat, or white. Keep in mind that coffee service can only serve your purpose if you pick a provider that offers quality coffee.

Choose a Company that Provides the Best Equipment

Office coffee providers will usually offer equipment for brewing coffee. Others can install a coffee vending machine in your office. But, a lot of providers try to cut back on cost so they skimp on equipment. The best coffee service company spends years developing dependable and consistent machines. 

When choosing a provider, you must consider their service style. Before, most providers used a coffee maker with one burner. But, getting the last cup wasn’t the best experience for an employee who has been sitting for hours. Today, people will want to use the single-serve brewer at the workplace. In this option, each cup of coffee is fresh and isn’t choked by dregs on the bottom of the pot. Also, this reduces the struggle of who will make the next coffee as everyone makes their own cup. 

Pick a Company that Offers Excellent Customer Service

When interviewing coffee service providers, ask them how often they clean the bean hoppers, the way they manage stocks, and how quickly they will respond to maintenance and service requests. The right provider takes care of your break-room and keeps you fully stocked. They must be able to offer same or next day service for your requests. 

You must also remember that coffee drinkers have their own way in terms of consuming coffee. Some people prefer it light and sweet, with extra soy milk, or with skim milk.  Thus, you must pick a coffee service provider that provides a wide variety of creams and sweeteners to meet the preference of every employee. 


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