Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Tips for Booking Food Trucks in Massachusetts for Catering Your Business Lunch

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There are many food trucks in Massachusetts and are the best sources for hiring something special for festivals or special events. There are food trucks everywhere in Massachusetts.

Business lunches

If you are wanting to do something special for your employees at work or you are having special visitors, hiring food trucks in MA is a great way to handle a business lunch. Food truck catering MA is the best way to handle any type of special event whether it is for business or to even cater to a wedding. 

Catered event

You might be asking exactly what is a “catered event” – this is an event where organizers make a commitment to a precise amount of portions and pay that caterer for all of these portions. This is what assures a certain income to the caterer. This same guarantee applies to a food truck catered event making certain that the food truck caterer gets a certain amount of money in advance. The client also normally pays for a portion of the total cost at the time of signing a contract and settles the rest as soon after the delivery of the event.

Catering private events

There are many catering companies that cater to private events in MA such as:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Private parties of all types
  • One-off corporate events such as employees or managers off-site meetings

Guests expected to pay 

In contrast, when guests are expected to individually pay for their food, this is really by designation not a catered event but actually considered a “street-vending” event in the idiom of the food truck world. The majority of these “one-off street-vending” occurrences of all types are actually unappealing to food trucks since they are expected to take the risk of preparing food before knowing how many people will actually be buying from them. Food trucks for street vending are also less desirable for private events or one-off corporate events since they also do not offer much difference to the event organizers in choosing foods that will be preferred by all their guests.


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