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Tips to Find an Ideal Espresso Roast

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Espresso is a popular coffee drink made by forcing heated water on finely ground coffee. The espresso shot created is strong and contains 12% dissolved coffee solids in comparison to the 2% of filtered coffee. It is normal to have espresso coffee 10 times stronger than filtered or drip coffee. When you go in purchase espresso coffee beans online there are hundreds of options ranging from energetic and bold to fruity and keto. No label defines how the coffee will taste let alone its source or freshness.

Getting the right coffee beans is essential to make a delicious espresso and if the beans are of poor quality even the machine won’t fix the taste. Coffiery started a blog where you can find the best local roasters to supply you with fresh coffee beans.

Coffee beans are chosen and roasted to produce a specific flavor. Espresso is a traditional method used to prepare coffee. In the past, super dark roasted coffee beans were used, which gave an ash and char flavor to the coffee but consumers assumed that the harsh bitterness is the reward of caffeine. Today, the coffee technology has given espresso complex and subtle flavors, fascinating spicy & pine notes, floral & fruity aromas, and pleasant citrusy acidity.

Today, coffee roasters are trying to create a balanced roast that has low acidity levels and high sweetness level. Remember, more acidity in drip coffee offers your mouth freshness, zest, and tang but in espresso the taste is sour. However, if you plan to use espresso beans with milk-based drinks like cappuccino or latte, choose dark roast because it cuts the milk’s creaminess.

How To Make Espresso Without A Machine (NOT What You Think)

Tips to find the ideal espresso roast

  • Roasts described as creamy or balanced or have tasting notes of nuttiness, burnt sugar chocolate, or dried fruits will be a tasty and pleasing addition to your latte.
  • Natural processed coffees are promising for espresso as their natural sweetness does not get compromised.
  • You can use any kind of roast in an espresso machine. You can get creative and enjoy espresso without adding sugar or cream. Never hesitate to try a drink with perky tasting notes rather than the traditional dark roast.
  • The label expressing ‘espresso’ means the coffee beans were roasted to create a flavor that blends well with milk. You can try these to enjoy home lattes.
  • How to identify the bean’s darkness? If oil migrates on the beans outside it is quite dark but if the surface is almost shiny then it is an Italian or French style roast [extremely dark]. If bean appears dry and dark, it is called ‘full-city roast’.
  • Check the expiry date because espresso roast is best when fresh i.e. 1 – 4 weeks after it is roasted.

Why freshly roasted beans are best?

Espresso is best within 7 to 21 days after roasting. Why? For the top layer ‘Crema’.

Crema or the creamy top layer you enjoy in the espresso is made from carbon-dioxide micro-bubbles. When hot water is forced on fresh coffee during the brewing process, a by-product gets produced.

Crema offers the espresso shot a wonderful flavor depth. As coffee ages, CO2 gets lost and less crema gets produced, which makes the espresso taste like strong black coffee.

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