Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

Top Things to do in Montreal this weekend!

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There is never a boring day in Montreal. This is a city that has something for everyone, and some of the most beautiful places in Canada are just a couple of hours away at the maximum. If you are in mood to stay back for the weekend and have fun with the crowd, we have a few recommendations below that may come in handy. 

  1. Enjoy at a bar/club. There are some really nice bars, clubs, and pubs in Montreal, and some like Riverside are really popular for drinks and food alike. For those who like the idea of being around with local people, this is a great way to spend the Saturday evening. Reservations are usually recommended for selected places, so check in advance. 
  2. Walk around Old Montreal. Talk of some of the classic things you can do in the city, and you have Old Montreal that’s known for both architecture and feel, which can feel very different from rest of Canada. There are free walking tours, as well, so check for that in the evening. 
  3. Take a food tour. Canadian food is extremely popular now, and the most famed one is definitely poutine, which includes brown gravy, French fries and cheese. Additionally, there are many organized food tours, which are worth considering. As we had mentioned earlier, craft beers are a thing in this city. 
  4. Go for a bike tour. If you thought that Copenhagen and Amsterdam are bike friendly cities, you should consider Montreal on that list. In the warmer months, you can choose to rent a bike for a day or for a few hours. The good news is you can take the bike in any part of the city and return at another station. There is an app that helps in renting bikes in Montreal. 
  5. Consider a boat tour. On a boring weekend, you may want to spend the day taking a cruising trip. Some tours are for an hour, and you will be guided in English/French during the trip. These trips don’t have to cost a bomb, and the good part is you have a romantic dinner while on the boat. 

Head to the nearest bar and party all the way for Saturday night, while on a Sunday, you can choose to do any of the things we just mentioned. Check online now for bars, clubs and other avenues in Montreal and choose the option of booking a table. 

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