Try These 5 Best Teas For Boosting Your Immune System

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After a hectic schedule for the day, lying back on the couch with some good books and a cup of hot tea can be quite soothing. Tea has also proven beneficial when you are sick. Experts suggest drinking tea regularly can work wonders to keep your energy level high and diseases at bay. Hence, instead of waiting for symptoms to come up, it is a good idea to be proactive and take care of your immune system from time to time. Taking note of that, TDT world brings to you some of the best teas for the immune system that you can start with. Let’s go ahead with a few of them in detail.

The Top 5 Best Teas For The Immune System

Drinking tea every morning is the right way to give a good start to your day. Here are the 5 best teas for the immune system that you can think of trying out.

  1. Vibrant Hibiscus 

Looking for something refreshing to drink? Go for vibrant Hibiscus immunity blend tea. This caffeine-free all-natural delicious tangy tea is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. The best choice for joint health, liver, blood pressure, cholesterol, and digestion. Hibiscus, also familiar as the shoe flower, is the main ingredient here along with cloves and star anise contributing to the taste of Vibrant Hibiscus tea. With every sip down your throat, you will have that soothing smile on your face!

  1. Secret Spice

Cough, cold and sore throat are common problems with changing weather conditions and virus effects. Give some relief to your throat with this soothing cold, a caffeine-free yet slightly spicy beverage made out of three ingredients- ashwagandha, star anise and ginger.  Secret Spice is one of the top selling and best teas for the immune system coming with health benefits including relief from motion sickness, asthma, better joint health, ruling out sleep disorders, relieving stress and menstrual discomfort. Hurry up and order now!

  1. Nani’s Herbal Chai

As the name suggests, Nani’s Herbal Chai is a caffeine free herbal tea featuring ingredients available in your kitchen like the long hot pepper, black ginger, star anise and lemongrass. One cup of the Nani’s herbal chai can help you have a spark of energy ruling out the discomforts you are experiencing from a runny nose or scratchy throat. You are surely going to remember your nani while sipping this tea and her love and care that saved you from germs and their effects. Coming with a spicy aroma, mild blend and refreshing taste, this tea is rich in antioxidants and is good for joint health, nerve health, cough, and cold, digestion, detoxification, weight loss as well as treating sleep disorders. 

  1. Tasty Irani Chai

Inspired by the Persians, this Ceylon black tea with the aroma of fresh spices such as cloves and cardamoms can play wonders in boosting your immunity and making you stronger. The best way to start your day, the Tasty Irani Chai comes with ingredients like cardamom, cloves, and Ceylon Black Tea. A 75gms pack of a Tasty Irani Chai can give you a total of around 51 cups of tea good for your heart and liver health along with maintaining your cholesterol level, digestion, and skin. If you are allergic to colds, it is recommended to take this tea every day without fail. 

  1. Heritage Spice

Looking for a tea that helps in detoxification? Try this heritage spice tea from TDT. Crafted skilfully with a few of the ancient antitoxin ingredients like ginger, ashwagandha, and nettles root; this tea can give you the comfort you are looking for in the flu season. Unknown to many, nettle roots are known as butterfly food for two British species- the  Painted Lady and Red Admiral. Take this tea every day to relieve stress, promote detoxification, fight diabetes along with motion sickness, stomach discomforts, asthma, and arthritis. 

Wrapping Up

While you can come across many other types of tea today, the 5 mentioned above are considered the best tea for the immune system and are in use for ages. TDT also brings to you an ‘Immuntea Boosting pack’. This pack is a 5-in-1 box tea kit consisting of types like Organic Matcha, Organic Sencha, Spice It Up, Houjicha Green Tea, and Secret Spice. All of these variants are good for your health and protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses. 

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