Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

Visit Asian Fusion Restaurant In Melbourne And Taste The Best Fusion Cuisine

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Asia is a combination of different types of cultures and traditions. So the cuisine it provides too reflects these diversities. Recently the world has given its nod to Asian fusion cuisine. Melbourne too has welcomed this type of food with open arms. There are lots of asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne. Here the customers get a taste of all the cultures and traditions of different countries in a single dish. That’s the beauty of fusion.

What is a fusion dish?

Imagine getting sushi in a pizza. Isn’t it a wonderful fusion and tasty too. So this is what a fusion dish will taste and look like. The chef tries to combine Asian dishes with the local cuisine. And the result is a completely new and tasty dish. Asian fusion cuisine is getting popular by the day, here are a few dishes you need to try;

  • Koja with kamikaze fries- A burger is an American dish but just put Korean BBQ chicken instead of the normal American style chicken, which will give the complete authentic taste of Korea along with the normal American burger buns.
  • Sushiritto is another dish that comes with the Japanese style of sushi in a supersized roll.
  • Sushi pizza-it is called a sushi pizza but the base of this pizza is not dough but a layer of tortilla. The toppings give you a look of the Italian pizza.

These are just a few dishes but when you decide to go to asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne they have a lot more in their menu that you can try. The chefs of the restaurants make sure that the fusion dish they have offered will give you the taste of both the cuisines.

Get a taste of fusion

Always eating the same kind of dishes gets boring because you can expect what you get. There is no surprise element in it. Sometimes trying something new will be good to your taste buds. So when you get bored eating the same old dishes, again and again, go to restaurants that serve Asian fusion cuisine. You will be surprised as to how much your taste buds will love this tongue-tingling dishes. Sometimes when you are tired to go out or pure lazy to cook, order online from one of these restaurants and choose the best fusion dish. It will be delivered at your doorstep without much delay. Some restaurants even provide you with catering services which you can book online and give them the date and location. They will be at your even providing your guests with some of the tastiest fusions ever, which your guests will talk for a long time.

So get the taste of the best fusion cuisine from asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne and enjoy with family and friends.

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