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What Are Side Gusseted Bags And Their Main Uses

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With the problem of space and short preservation period, the food industry always works towards creating more sustainable packing solutions. If glass jars occupy space and are fragile, plastic pouches add to the threat to environment and make the user culprit of adding more to the waste-fills. The biodegradable bags, therefore, are catching the attention of the food industry experts and a number of styles are developed in this category. 

One such bag is side gusseted bag that offers a handy and space-efficient alternative for packing foods. 

How side gusseted bag is unique

The food packaging industry can look up to this bag for various reasons. The very first reason is its ability to contract and expand as per the quantity of food. When empty, the bag looks like a flat sheet with folds on the sides. The moment food is filled in it, the bag starts to expand acquiring a shape that offers more room to stuff the content. Thus, one can stack them and tie them as bundle of sheets when not filled. Just imagine the amount you can save by doing this!

So, the shape and its ability to expand make the gusseted bag a unique option for packing.

What foods are preferred for packing in side gusseted bags?

The side gusseted bags are used prolifically for packing coffee, milk, tea, chocolate powder. It is because:

  1. These are available in varying sizes ranging from a few grams to several pounds
  2. These are made of material that holds the food properly and does not crumble down easily
  3. The sealing or zip packing facility helps to keep them air-tight, thus, the food remains fresh for long.

So, buy side gusseted bags and assign them one corner of that drawer of your modular kitchen if you care for your food!

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